Sizzling Summer Days & Supplements

by Courtney on May 21, 2010

Hello friends!

I am still going with the liver flush preparation, but will do the actual flush a couple days later than I planned.

It is getting toasty here in Patagonia, getting into the upper 80’s and even to 90 degrees during the middle of the day. In ayurvedic medicine, my primary doshic makeup is pitta (for those who are new to doshas and ayurveda, I recommend reading Conscious Eating by Gabriel Cousens, M.D.) What this means is that my body naturally has a lot of heat and tends towards imbalance when I eat certain food or do certain activities which overheat my system. For example, I rarely can handle hot foods like cayenne and ginger unless it’s quite cold outside. They are fantastic for the body, so I take them in very small quantities, but mine is not one that can handle large doses or I feel aggravated and ungrounded. When it’s really hot outside, I have to eat cooling foods, eat light, and use cooling essential oils like peppermint, which helps me feel more balanced.

I’ve been taking three new supplements that I’ve been noticing a difference with. I began taking them all at about the same time, and feel more focused, emotionally balanced, grounded, and have more mental clarity. They are B12, omega 3 DHA, and tryptophan.

I have had B12 shots here and there since being vegan, but haven’t taken a supplement regularly. This one is great because it’s tasty, it’s a subligual B12 and there is a little xylitol in it, so it’s sweet. I also love Premier Research Labs’ Nano B12 complex, which doesn’t taste great but is super powerful.

The omega supplement I’m taking is O-Mega-Zen liquid, which is a totally vegan source of omega 3 DHA from golden algae. Depression has been linked to DHA deficiency, and DHA is one of the main components of brain tissue. It is required for the proper functioning of all neural systems, including vision. Low levels of DHA have been found in persons with: heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, Alzheimer`s Disease, Attention Deficit Disorder, depression, insomnia, stress, hyperactivity, dyslexia.

L-Tryptophan is the third supplement, which is an amino acid produced in the body, mostly in inadequate quantities, and is a precursor to serotonin in the brain. Low serotonin levels have been linked to mood disorders and the symptoms that go with them. 90% of women that Gabriel Cousens, M.D. has tested are deficient in serotonin. Taking L-Tryptophan may enhance relaxation and sleep, relieve minor premenstrual symptoms, sooth nerves and anxiety, and reduce carbohydrate cravings.

My brain is being FED and I am so happy about it!

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