Sweat Baby Sweat

by Courtney on June 17, 2010

Greetings, Earthlings.

I’ve begun a new habit that is making me question my sanity. How did I not think of this before now? For about 3 weeks, a good friend of mine, Meg, and I, have been meeting at about 7am, turning on one of the infrared saunas at the Tree, taking a power walk for 15 minutes while it heats up, and then sweating intensely for 45 minutes! The benefits of infrared sauna sessions are many, including moving the lymphatic system, allowing toxicity to dislodge within the body and be released through sweat, circulation, beauty (because of circulation and sloughing off dead skin cells), healing of scars, pain relief, muscle stiffness or soreness relief, breaking up cellulite, injuries, stress reduction, and cardiovascular health.

I’ve been bringing a dry skin brush in the sauna and brushing before I get too sweaty, and then continuing to brush after my skin is moist. Our skin is our largest organ, and is considered an organ of elimination, meaning it is key in detoxification. By brushing our skin vigorously, we open up the pores, encourage toxicity to circulate for release, and slough off dead skin, allowing toxicity to more easily be thrown out through the skin. Dry skin brushing also serves as an internal organ massage, stimulating their health-giving functions. Other benefits include supporting the immune, circulatory, digestive, lymphatic, and nervous systems. Dry skin brushing is also an amazing beauty practice.

After I get out of the sauna, I take a shower in the outdoor one near the sauna, which is naturally cold, reverse osmosis water coming from the Tree’s well. It’s so invigorating to get out of a hot sauna and shower in cold water!

There is definitely detoxification happening in my body, but most of all I love how I feel, going into the office for the day’s work at the Tree, feeling enlivened, invigorated, cleansed, and super awake. I feel like it’s made a difference in my mental clarity and focus, and I feel more joyful knowing I’ve completed something so wonderful for my health, all before 8am!

Myself, Meg (my sauna buddy) and Kiera.

A delicious entree that I didn’t eat but like how it looks :D

Our shipping manager, Cale (right), cutting his surprise raw vegan birthday cake!

One of my favorites. The mikvah garden on the top of the mesa with its spring foliage!

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