Blue Manna

by Courtney on July 8, 2010

Thankful Thursday! What are you thankful for? Here’s a list of random things I’m feeling appreciative of in this moment:

  • The sunlight, eternally beaming down its deliciousness on me. Ain’t no Vitamin D deficiency up in herrrr.
  •, my favorite new website. Prompts for writing. Gets through writers block and is just plain fun.
  • Music. Enjoying Empire of the Sun, Band of Horses, and MC Yogi today.
  • Books. Currently reading Women Who Run with Wolves, Three Cups of Tea, The Ringing Cedars of Russia, and ReWork.

Last Saturday I hosted a chocolate dance party at the Tree of Life, and wow was it fun. Just today the soreness has gone away :) I tend to be an ecstatic jump-dancer when I have space, so my calves were so sore the 2 days after that I almost couldn’t walk!

The next day, I helped my friends Elaina Love and Chris Whitcoe make food for their booth at the 4th of July festival in Patagonia. Patagonia only has about 800 residents, but apparently about 3,000 people come out to the town for the celebration on the 4th, so the booth was well-attended and I was surprised and pleased to see how many people bought food who were clearly completely unaware of what raw food was.

Below: Elaina Love making the crust for her low-glycemic berry pie.

Michelle and I making food.

Below: A drink made from coconut kefir, with this brand new product (to me, anyways), called Blue Manna – essentially the blue part of blue-green algae. Sweetened with some stevia, it was super delish!


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