Where Do You Get Your Spiritual Inspiration?

by Courtney on September 15, 2010

Spiritual inspiration is so important! Spirituality shouldn’t be a grind – it should be inspired. Different people feel spiritually inspired by different things; some are inspired by listening to a person who inspires them spiritually (through a video, a podcast, or even in person), listening to or making music that helps them feel more connected, making art or going to see art, and spending time in nature. We each can adapt this foundation to our unique lives and our individual needs, as well as to the specific to phases of our lives and what is required to help us evolve spiritually at any point. Sometimes we may need to spend more time with music, or more time absorbing wisdom from spiritual teachers, and other times we need to spend more time in nature. We can engage in primarily one of these, or varying amounts of each. It all depends on what the spiritual energy within us needs at any given time, which it will communicate to us through us as long as we are open to receiving those messages.

“Sacred” music that inspires us to commune with the Divine and helps us quiet the mind, meditate, and contemplate our spiritual life is a powerful support. We can listen to music live or recorded to receive this inspiration. Kirtan and chanting ceremonies can allow us to be an active part of the sacred music experience. Some of my favorites of this kind of music are Snatam Kaur, the Native Flute Ensemble, and for me, some classical musical music feels inspiring as well as simple, beautiful instrumental music and music with nature sounds.

Art can be a huge spiritual inspiration for many, including me. You can go and see art at a museum or gallery, and you can make your own! Making your own art as part of a spiritual practice doesn’t require you to be a fantastic artist. No one even has to see it. It’s just about you enjoying time with Spirit while you create.

Time in nature also helps us fulfill this foundation. Nature has a powerful centering, grounding, and calming effect, received just by us immersing ourselves in it. Nature reminds us that our grievances and attachments are not as big of a deal as we think they are, and reminds us that the cycles of change, birthing and dying are natural both in Nature and in our own lives. It hints at the eternal and the peace that always exists within us. By immersing in nature, we excuse ourselves from the noise of our lives and quiet the noise of our minds. Whether we live in a place with majestic natural beauty or if we have to seek out our own little sanctuary of mother nature, whether we spend a whole day or weekend in nature or if we just take 30 minutes in it, nature can be a truly profound spiritual teacher.

Spiritual inspiration and guidance is crucial because without it, spiritual life can feel dry and much more challenging. It is imperative for consistency and longevity in the spiritual life to keep ourselves inspired and to maintain and deepen the feeling of being guided and supported in our remembrance of our Oneness.


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