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by Courtney on November 24, 2012

Me on the St. Lawrence River in Montreal

Hello, lovelies!

I have just returned from a short vacation to Montréal with my partner Sarah. Going to Montreal in mid-November was certainly a unique choice, but it was fun nonetheless. Not as many tree leaves, just as much French. Not as many flowers, but an abundance of boot-clad people. Off-season in Montreal has its advantages: the indoor attractions were very underpopulated.

We toured some delicious vegan restaurants, including Aux Vivres, Crudessence, and La Panthere Verte (the green panther). All were delicious and I was quite impressed that no matter what the time of day, each of these vegan places were absolutely packed, sometimes even out the door, where people would wait for a seat (us included) for 20 minutes in the freezing weather.

The “Living Salad” with seaweed at Aux Vivres

We ventured to the Jardin Botanique de Montréal (Montreal Botanical Gardens), knowing it wasn’t going to be anything like it is in the summer, but curious anyways. I’d been to Montréal once before when I was about 12, and have memories of incredible splendor in flowers, trees, and all else that one can decorate with in nature. I still feel like I’d go back a third time soon just to see them in summer, but it proved to be a pleasant walk around the grounds nonetheless. One of the things I noticed first was that Montreal’s squirrels could eat Philadelphia’s squirrels for a snack. When you live in cities where squirrels reign, you notice whose squirrels are fattest.

The Botanical Gardens of Montréal

A 500-year old bonsai tree

Outside the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts, we found the only cow in the city. I have constant longings to visit farm animal sanctuaries, so I decided to get close to this one.

Me with the artistic cow

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts loves you

The single thing that solidified Montréal in my heart was finding Spirulina Macaroons. The restaurant Crudessence wanted to attempt to satisfy my insatiable desire for spirulina. Crudessence, you understand the important things in life. What really matters: algae. And now you’re going to talk to me about it in French? Swoon.

Montréal has some cool churches. On hills. With pretty courtyards.

St. Joseph’s Oratory

St. Joseph’s Oratory

Walking around Montreal we accidentally came across a farmers market. I didn’t take pictures of the actual market; somehow we found the sign more interesting, though we did pick up some particularly delicious local apples.

This was the Notre Dame Basilica of Montreal. The artistry and architecture of this place was absolutely captivating.

Notre Dame Basilica of Montreal

Aux Vivres offered green juice, which was very delicious and in small servings. These were the biggest size they offered. Oh Montréal, Givers of Pipsqueak Veggie Elixirs, don’t you know some of us walk around pulling green juice IV’s strapped to us? Where are we supposed to fill those up? I bet Popeye would have needed at least 20 of these.

Below, Sarah and I on the St. Lawrence River. Our heads are blocking a large boat converted into a spa, laden with people of all genders who may or may not have been wearing tops.  Just thought we’d censor the situation, because, you know, children might read this blog.

Until next time, Readers! Much love,


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Sarah E. November 24, 2012 at 7:15 pm

Great blog!!!

I absolutely loved going on this trip with you. Your enthusiasm for getting the most out of Montreal in the winter inspired so many wonderful adventures! :) It was also such a great experience to soak up some of Montreal’s finest vegan cuisine and see some beautiful nature together. :D


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