My March Juice Cleanse, Days 1-4

by Courtney on March 10, 2013


I am chuckling at myself because every time I post the first blog of my juice cleanses every few months, I am always compelled with starting off by talking about the weather. Sigh…  Anyways, the weather is gorgeous and has been in the 50’s here in Philadelphia. It really feels like Spring and this feels like a Spring Juice Cleanse!

Day 1 was a bit “meh” as it usually is for me. You see, even though I’ve completed so many juice cleanses of various lengths, Day 1 is still a bit of a transition-feeling day. I haven’t quite caught the “fasters high” that comes every cleanse, which always sends me soaring and so content with being on juice. Day 1 isn’t hard anymore, I just notice that the mind-chatter is more than it is later on.

Day 2 was great and I made a lot of juice with parsley and cilantro. I would have to say that parsley and cilantro are, by far, my favorite leafy greens that one can juice.

On Day 3 and 4, I ventured to spend time with family in rural PA, and didn’t bring quite as much juice as I’d normally have due to long trains and no juicing equipment. But, since I know my body during cleansing really well and I know that being a little hungry doesn’t bother me, it turned out to be fine. Just drank a lot of water and was totally ok! ;)

Now, how’s about a crazy simple juice recipe? Here ya go:

Crazy Simple Parsley and Apple Heaven

1 huge bunch parsley

2 medium apples


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Sarah March 12, 2013 at 3:37 pm

This looks SO delicious!! Great to hear the inside scoop on your cleanse, you make it look so easy and I’m always inspired by your inventive juice recipes! Juicy ! <3


Naya R. March 12, 2013 at 3:43 pm

Wow, I can’t believe that parsley and apple would be good together!!!?? I must try it at my local juice bar, or the next time I see you at Cafe Gratitude!


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