My June Juice Cleanse, Days 1-4

by Courtney on June 22, 2013


Happy and thirsty! This is how I’m feeling on Day 4 of my Juice Cleanse! I do a juice cleanse seasonally, and though I always love and appreciate it, it sure is so nice to do one when it’s warm outside. Philadelphia, where I currently reside, is not only warm but humid, which makes it all the more easy to eat/drink lightly.

Luckily for me, I adore parsley and cilantro so much that getting in lots of leafy greens for my juice is quite easy. For my higher-glycemic allotment, straight-up fresh orange juice is by far my favorite. When I want to go a bit lower sugar, I’ll mix some grapefruit and orange together. I did make a strawberries and fresh mint juice for my fruitier juice one day! Now that’s decadence.

The local Philadelphia Clark Park Farmers’ Market has been lovely to ransack, especially since it offers so many east coast organic leafy greens to choose from. For me, the farmers’ market in summer is a time of cilantro hoarding and cooing at everyone’s dogs (in case you’re wondering, black labs are my “type”).

It’s always fun to talk with my Juice Feasters and be doing a cleanse at the same time they are. I don’t (and can’t) cleanse every day of the year so it only happens sometimes, but it can be fun to relate experiences in real-time!

This morning, I had a 4:30 a.m. wakeup to head to the airport to visit my family in Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah, which was actually not that hard because the lightness of juice makes it even easier for me to wake up.

I guzzled water on the way to the airport, and then when I got there, meandered to the D Terminal of the Philadelphia airport because strawthey have a place at the very end of it that actually serves fresh juice! I literally walked up to the counter and told them what I wanted in the juice. Oddly, they didn’t have leafy greens to choose from, so I chose mine with cucumber, celery, lemon and apple. Orange juice in the same cups were available too, and as they had a juicer I assumed it was fresh, but upon sipping found it was just concentrate and promptly threw it out. I haven’t tasted concentrate in a long time and it is quite icky compared to freshly juiced organic oranges!

Watching the sunrise in the terminal with green juice in hand is certainly different from the numbing fast food jaunts that airports used to entail for me growing up. I got more than one odd stare and realized that an airport is an even wierder place for people to see someone grasping something healthy and green. I feel many of us don’t want to have to feel the stress and anxiety we feel about traveling and so we bury it with heavy food while while in transit. It’s no wonder that so-called “comfort foods” are what’s sold at these places that theoretically could have access to fresh produce from around the world! In reflection today, I definitely do not miss those days of feeling miserable in my body while traveling!


I’m now in the beautiful valley of Salt Lake City and enjoying the mountains and dry warmth. I am not sure how long this juice cleanse will go; I usually go for a week though this time it may be shorter… or not! I’ll keep ya up to date!




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Rande McDaniel @ The Vegetable Centric Kitchen June 22, 2013 at 8:30 pm

It was so nice to have the place in the Philly airport when I was traveling out of there a lot! I also agree that Farmers Markets are for cilantro hoarding. And kale hoarding. And dill…and parsley…and dandelion…if it’s green, I hoard it.


Courtney June 25, 2013 at 12:51 pm

It’s amazing, isn’t it? Mmmm dill sounds SO GOOD right now!


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