Green Juice With Carrot – A Radical Radiance Recipe

by Courtney on November 14, 2013


Today I decided to go for something a little darker green than my last juice recipe (Parsley Punch Green Juice), with just a little carrot to sweeten. This definitely tastes green, but is oh-so-good for you! It is the kind of green juice, however, that probably wouldn’t be as good if it’s been sitting for a while, so I would recommend drinking this one straight away if you can.

As a result of trying to fit all the produce onto the cutting board to make a pretty picture, I ended up making a rather small juice recipe, so especially for you Juice Feasters – double it at the very least!

Green Juice With Carrot

Makes approx 18 oz. with a juicer

or approx 26 oz. with a blender/nut milk bag


1/3 large cucumber

3 long celery sticks

1 large carrot

4 small dino kale leaves

3 large romaine lettuce leaves

1 TBS fresh lemon juice


If juicing…. juice!

If using the Vitamix/nut milk bag method, add 1 cup water to the blender, blend it all and strain.


For sake of ease, here is the recipe approximately doubled (hi juice cleansers!)

1/2 large cucumber

4 long celery sticks

1 and 1/3 large carrots

5 small dino kale leaves


4 large romaine leaves

2 TBS fresh lemon juice

Juice, or if using Vitamix/nut milk bag, add 2 cups water and blend/strain.



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