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Hey friends! An update to let you know in recent weeks I’ve uploaded more videos regarding juice cleansing and detoxification. The first of the two most recent is all about intermittent fasting! I discuss what intermittent fasting is, why it’s beneficial, and how to do it. I also talk about considerations for those who struggle […]


Hey friends, Back again with another update about new videos. Below is the video I made about my 5-day Juice Cleanse, where I share how it went and why I still juice cleanse, and also another video about what kind of juice you should drink on a cleanse: veggie vs. fruit, and why?


New Videos: How To Juice Cleanse

by Courtney on June 29, 2017

Hi Friends, I’ve begun a new youtube playlist called How To Juice Cleanse! Though many health coaches package their knowledge into a paid e-course, e-book, or keep it only for private clients, I’ve decided to share everything I know for free, publicly. If you’d like individualized coaching for a Juice Cleanse or other purpose, however, […]


Hello Everyone, My first longer video is up! In this video I talk about my personal experience with juice cleansing, losing weight, going vegan, and healing overeating, all things I work with clients on and teach about now. This video can be viewed by clicking here or by viewing below. After this video since you’ll be […]


5 Juice Cleanse Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

by Courtney on February 11, 2016

The right kind of juice cleanse has the potential to transform your health on a mind, body and soul level. The wrong kind of juice cleanse however will set you up for problems. Unfortunately, all too often I see juice cleanse blogs or news which describe how someone did a juice cleanse, and how they […]


People often ask me what my favorite meals are, and though I’m a person who prefers variety and so I don’t have a ton of “staples”, chia is definitely a staple in my diet.   Chia is a protein-rich food, and as a long-term herbivore who likes to be physically active, protein is very important […]


David Rainoshek Interviews Me About Juice Cleansing

by Courtney on September 30, 2013

Hi friends! One of my mentors in plant-based nutrition and juice cleansing is the amazing David Rainoshek, M.A. whom I studied with to becomig a Juice Feasting Coach. David hosts the website and is a great friend. In the video below, David interviews me about the following topics: How I got into plant-based nutrition What […]


My 8-Year Vegan Anniversary!

by Courtney on August 30, 2013

Well, it’s almost over, but this month marks 8 years eating vegan for me! In honor of this anniversary, I decided to ask all of you via Facebook and Twitter if you had any questions for me. I received some great questions and am looking forward to answering them, Q&A style, right now!   Q. What was […]


Tree of Life Cafe Photos #34

by Courtney on January 19, 2011


Receiving in Order to Share on Thanksgiving

by Courtney on November 23, 2010

The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center hosts 100-200 people each year for our Thanksgiving potluck and day-long celebration.  The Thanksgiving celebration starts with a group meditation.  Meditation is a perfect way to start a day focused on gratitude.  It allows us to be present to the abundant, overflowing blessings in our lives.  Not only that, […]