Compulsive Eating

For many of us, it isn’t enough to know that certain foods are detrimental to our health, or that those foods have ingredients that make us crave more of them. It’s probably helpful to see a bunch of before and after photos of people who may or may not have had an easy time eating better to get that thinner body.

Many of us truly want to eat healthier, we make attempts, and maybe we even really like some healthy foods, but we also struggle with reaching for junk food, eating when we aren’t hungry, overeating and restrictive eating.

I’ve been there: wanting to make better choices, to truly nourish my body and take responsibility for my long-term health, but still struggling with compulsive eating despite all my genuine attempts and desires. Compensating for compulsive eating and overeating by restricting my eating. Acting against my own self-interest. Knowing the book knowledge but reaching for junk food anyways. Eating when I wasn’t hungry, even if it was healthy food. Eating too much when I did eat.

For years, I tried countless approaches to heal my own compulsive eating, which had been lifelong. I’ve tried approaches of a psycho-emotional nature, a spiritual nature, a nutritional standpoint. and other avenues. Some things have worked, some haven’t. There aren’t a lot of resources out there that integrate all different angles of healing emotional eating, and so it’s taken a ton of research and required experimentation on myself.


I’ve unraveled my own compulsive eating and finally live a life where I don’t battle with food or my body. I don’t think about eating all day, and it doesn’t take any forcing, controlling or obsessing for me to maintain the natural weight that I’ve stabilized at.

It’s not a quick-fix, there is no miracle cure, there is no one single thing that will heal your compulsive eating in one fell swoop, forever. Healing compulsive eating, junk food addiction, and overeating, though a process, is possible, and it’s possible for you. No one, including me, can heal it for you, but I can be a source of knowledge, support and guidance along the way.

My years of intensive research and self-healing have led me to develop my own approaches to compulsive eating, and I will teach them to you. There are two contexts in which I can support you in healing compulsive eating:

1. Nutritional Coaching

For people who compulsively eat, healthier eating consistently is both about making different food choices, as well as addressing the reasons you reach for junk food, overeat, and eat when you aren’t hungry. You will not only get all the coaching on eating healthfully, but we will also begin to unravel your patterns of compulsive eating. Click here to read more about Nutritional Coaching.

2. Juice Feasting Coaching

In my experience, Juice Feasting can support the healing of emotional eating. When we Juice Feast, we feel clearer, more vibrant, more energized, and we have a greater sense of harmony in our bodies. Clearing physical toxicity does indeed support feeling more uplifted and happy. Juice cleansing can allow us distance from the drama and pain that we experience with eating. We then have more of a birds-eye view of our compulsive eating, where we can look at ourselves and our lives, and see more clearly how we can heal the underlying reasons of our imbalanced relationship with food. Click here to read more about Juice Feasting.

“In regards to my relationship to food, I have discovered how to eat with awareness, pleasure and nourishment, which has replaced the diet and compulsive eating cycles. Courtney’s guidance has been a real blessing, as she is so knowledgeable with the subject of compulsive eating and dieting, and has such a non-stressful approach. Her way of dealing with that matter was very new for me and was enlightening.”

-Clemence, Paris

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