Nutrition Coaching

I create individualized nutritional and health practice plans for clients based on your goals and level of prior knowledge and experience.

Working with me as your coach will involve:

  • Reviewing your health history and your current health level, as well as your current level of experience and knowledge in nutrition and health
  • Creating your individualized health plan which caters to your health goals, favorite foods, food sensitivities (if you have any). This will cater to your goals, whether that’s to eat all plant-based, or just more plant-based, whether you’re interested in learning more about raw food or whether you want to start eating mostly raw or all raw.
  • Teaching you all about juicing! How to make it, how much to have, particular juices for particular purposes, and recipes!
  • An individualized plan for superfoods and supplements
  • Meal recipes individualized for you and your goals
  • If compulsive eating, food addiction, or some form of emotional attachment to food is something you deal with, we work with this. Not all of my clients want or need this, and if you don’t, we won’t! If you do, this is a safe space. Read more about my approach to compulsive eating by clicking here.
  • The convenience of learning about nutrition and practicing a new lifestyle while you’re still working and still attending to your life as usual, without spending the money, time and time off to attend a workshop or retreat.

I have been eating a plant-based diet rich in raw food since 2005. For more than five years, I worked with bestselling author and doctor Gabriel Cousens, M.D. as a supervisor at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center. At the Tree of Life, I taught nutrition and cleansing classes for guests. Guests I worked with varied greatly in regards to their current health level, and their knowledge and experience in the realms of nutrition and holistic lifestyle practices. To learn more about my personal health journey, click here.

“Your personal experience was tremendously helpful and thank you so much for sharing the most effective tips with me! You sincerely have at heart people’s well-being and pure intentions. You are so spot on about pretty much everything and understand where people are coming from! THANKS again for your amazing spirit and support! You are extremely talented at what you do! Your help has changed my life!” -Kat, NSW, Austrailia

Contact me now to find out if Nutrition Coaching is right for you! Please check your spam/junk mail folder as sometimes emails from me accidentally go there.

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