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Hey friends, Back again with another update about new videos. Below is the video I made about my 5-day Juice Cleanse, where I share how it went and why I still juice cleanse, and also another video about what kind of juice you should drink on a cleanse: veggie vs. fruit, and why?


New Videos: How To Juice Cleanse

by Courtney on June 29, 2017

Hi Friends, I’ve begun a new youtube playlist called How To Juice Cleanse! Though many health coaches package their knowledge into a paid e-course, e-book, or keep it only for private clients, I’ve decided to share everything I know for free, publicly. If you’d like individualized coaching for a Juice Cleanse or other purpose, however, […]


Beet with Greens Sweet and Earthy Juice Recipe

by Courtney on November 20, 2016

Today I have a juice recipe that is a bit sweeter than the usual ones I post, but has some fun ingredients and tastes delicious. As with all green juice recipes, it’s great whether you’re on a juice cleanse or whether you’re just feeling like a juice would feel good for your body in the […]

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Hi friends! I’ve finished a 5-day Juice Cleanse about a week ago, and I told my newsletter subscribers that I’d write about it, so here I am taking to my blog. Some of you are clients of mine right now and were so kind tell me good luck and ask me how I was doing on my […]


5 Juice Cleanse Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

by Courtney on February 11, 2016

The right kind of juice cleanse has the potential to transform your health on a mind, body and soul level. The wrong kind of juice cleanse however will set you up for problems. Unfortunately, all too often I see juice cleanse blogs or news which describe how someone did a juice cleanse, and how they […]


My goodness, I am late in posting this blog! I did my little Modified Juice Feast that I wrote about in my last blog post (click here for that post), and then family came to visit, and so I am just now getting to share this with you. I ended up just doing a 3-day Modified […]

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Hi again! I am excited to talk about an alternative to a juice-only cleanse, something I’ve actually been teaching as well for many years. It’s called a Modified Juice Feast, and in short, the main difference is rather than all juice, you drink mostly juice and then eat raw, non-fatty produce. I’m actually going to be […]


Guest Post: Mary Ann’s 7-Day Juice Cleanse

by Courtney on February 27, 2014

7-day Juice Feast Blog by Mary Ann: I am an emotional eater. I love chocolate and alcohol – ugh. I have been trying to figure out why I choose to “numb out” and decided that a Juice Feast would help me find the answer. My goal is to unhook from sugar, let my body heal […]


Bell pepper is one of my favorite things to make juice with. I think it tastes good with almost anything! It adds just a tinge of sweet but really isn’t high-glycemic at all. Yum! This juice still is green when it’s done because it just has 1 red bell pepper in it, but feel free […]


My January 2014 Juice Cleanse: Days 5-7

by Courtney on January 27, 2014

I have finished my January week-long Juice Cleanse and am glad that I did it! If you didn’t catch my recap of Days 1-4, you can read about it by clicking here. I actually found it to be the easiest winter juice cleanse I’ve done; the cold weather didn’t bother me so much this time […]