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Most people seek juice cleansing for the alleviation of physical health problems and weight loss, which it can help greatly with and is one of the healthiest physical methods for those ends. Today though, I’m excited to discuss how juice cleansing can support us in healing overeating and food addiction. I’ve personally done juice cleanses of many lengths, including […]


Hi friends! I’ve finished a 5-day Juice Cleanse about a week ago, and I told my newsletter subscribers that I’d write about it, so here I am taking to my blog. Some of you are clients of mine right now and were so kind tell me good luck and ask me how I was doing on my […]


5 Juice Cleanse Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

by Courtney on February 11, 2016

The right kind of juice cleanse has the potential to transform your health on a mind, body and soul level. The wrong kind of juice cleanse however will set you up for problems. Unfortunately, all too often I see juice cleanse blogs or news which describe how someone did a juice cleanse, and how they […]


My goodness, I am late in posting this blog! I did my little Modified Juice Feast that I wrote about in my last blog post (click here for that post), and then family came to visit, and so I am just now getting to share this with you. I ended up just doing a 3-day Modified […]

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Hi again! I am excited to talk about an alternative to a juice-only cleanse, something I’ve actually been teaching as well for many years. It’s called a Modified Juice Feast, and in short, the main difference is rather than all juice, you drink mostly juice and then eat raw, non-fatty produce. I’m actually going to be […]


Guest Post: Mary Ann’s 7-Day Juice Cleanse

by Courtney on February 27, 2014

7-day Juice Feast Blog by Mary Ann: I am an emotional eater. I love chocolate and alcohol – ugh. I have been trying to figure out why I choose to “numb out” and decided that a Juice Feast would help me find the answer. My goal is to unhook from sugar, let my body heal […]


Bell pepper is one of my favorite things to make juice with. I think it tastes good with almost anything! It adds just a tinge of sweet but really isn’t high-glycemic at all. Yum! This juice still is green when it’s done because it just has 1 red bell pepper in it, but feel free […]


My January 2014 Juice Cleanse: Days 5-7

by Courtney on January 27, 2014

I have finished my January week-long Juice Cleanse and am glad that I did it! If you didn’t catch my recap of Days 1-4, you can read about it by clicking here. I actually found it to be the easiest winter juice cleanse I’ve done; the cold weather didn’t bother me so much this time […]


My January 2014 Juice Cleanse: Days 1-4

by Courtney on January 23, 2014

I have embarked on my first juice cleanse since I moved to Colorado, and this is also the juice cleanse which, as of today, will officially put me over 200 days of juice cleansing total. That’s over about 8 years, but still a big number when I look at it. Those 200 days have been […]


Though this juice is reddish because of the beet, it is a green juice! And it can be fun to introduce people to green juice through juices with beet, because the color isn’t as repulsive as when it’s green. It’s really just placebo, but it’s awesome! Beets are great for detoxification, and have tons of […]