My New Youtube Channel

by Courtney on May 15, 2017

Hello Everyone, I’ve finally begun my youtube channel as promised in my blog post a few months ago! On this channel eventually you’ll find videos pertaining to all the things I blog about: juice cleansing, vegan nutrition and healing food addiction, as well as expanding into more areas of exploration and discussion as well. Below […]


Most people seek juice cleansing for the alleviation of physical health problems and weight loss, which it can help greatly with and is one of the healthiest physical methods for those ends. Today though, I’m excited to discuss how juice cleansing can support us in healing overeating and food addiction. I’ve personally done juice cleanses of many lengths, including […]

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Some Changes Around Here

by Courtney on February 26, 2017

Hi Friends, I hope the new year finds you well! It’s a bit late for a happy new year greeting, but as this is the first time I’ve posted this year, better late than never, right? This blog will be a bit different than the blogs you’ve read from me before. I want to get personal […]


Hi friends! I’ve finished a 5-day Juice Cleanse about a week ago, and I told my newsletter subscribers that I’d write about it, so here I am taking to my blog. Some of you are clients of mine right now and were so kind tell me good luck and ask me how I was doing on my […]


I have Google Alerts for the terms “compulsive eating”, “overeating” and other similar keywords set up on my email. If you’re not familiar with Google Alerts, you set them up for any phrase or word to be emailed the top news stories and articles on those topics every day. It’s interesting for me as a compulsive […]


But what if they’ll notice I’ve gained weight? What if will they think when they see I’m still not thin. They’ll know I don’t have it all together if they see that I’m struggling with my weight. Many of us are very afraid other people noticing our extra weight. We’re afraid they’ll notice we gained some, we’re […]

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This week, I have become aware of a new invention: a “smart necklace” which purportedly tracks what you eat and drink through throat vibrations for the purpose of preventing overeating. It is an interesting invention from a technological standpoint, but it got me thinking about devices, tools and techniques that many of us buy or […]


Hi friends! I wrote Part 1 in this series, called Health & Compulsive Eating: How to Get Through the Holidays, Part 1 a while ago about food and the holidays. This is a series I’m really enjoying writing. All of what I write blends with my personal experience, but this topic is especially important to me […]


Are these scenarios familiar? You go to your family member’s house and they have prepared food for everyone, which is the kind of food they eat, but not the kind you eat (or want to be eating). You feel like you’d be rude not to eat what they prepare, or inconsiderate to insist on eating […]


My January 2014 Juice Cleanse: Days 1-4

by Courtney on January 23, 2014

I have embarked on my first juice cleanse since I moved to Colorado, and this is also the juice cleanse which, as of today, will officially put me over 200 days of juice cleansing total. That’s over about 8 years, but still a big number when I look at it. Those 200 days have been […]