Welcome! I’m Courtney Pool, and I’m a jdh_4276-edit-editnutritionist specializing in juice cleansing, plant based nutrition, and healing overeating.

I’ve been studying and teaching about these subjects for over 12 years, and have juice cleansed for over 215 days, including a consecutive 60-day Juice Feast.

Within my 12-year career, for 5 years, I worked as a supervisor at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, founded by Gabriel Cousens, MD, teaching nutrition and cleansing classes as well as lead guest support sessions for all guests, including fasting participants. I’m a certified Juice Feasting coach with David Rainoshek, MA, founder of the Juice Feasting Protocol. I coach clients in cleanses from 5 days to 3 months in length.

I have personally been vegan since 2005, and coach people in plant-based nutrition, but I do not only work with vegans! No matter how you eat or how you want to continue to eat, I’d love to help you get more plant foods in your diet.

I also coach in healing overeating, and food addiction. I have fluctuated by about 65 lbs in my life, and for most of it struggled with overeating and binge eating. I’ve healed my behavior with food drastically and lost the weight, and I can teach you how to get out of that cycle, too.

I work with clients through Skype, phone and email. I offer all my services and products by donation, which you can read about here.

I also have a youtube channel covering all these topics which you can view here.

 Click the links to learn more:

Juice Cleansing/Juice Feasting


I coach a type of cleansing called Juice Feasting, which is designed to have lots of energy and no hunger.

Healing Compulsive Eating


I offer coaching in how to address the root causes of overeating and achieve permanent weight loss.

Nutrition Coaching 


I coach in nutrition and diet, focused on eating more or all plant foods.

Client Success Stories


See the results others have experienced through working with me as their coach.



I blog on cleansing, nutrition, healing compulsive eating, and more.

Youtube Channel

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On my channel I discuss juice cleansing, vegan lifestyles and healing food addiction.

I am passionate about sharing the truth that none of us have to live with ill health, and none of us have to spend our lives battling with weight and food. We can be completely free, balanced, peaceful, and healthy through the emotional and physical healing modalities I coach.