Welcome! I’m Courtney Pool, and I coach Juice Cleansing/Juice Feasting, plant-based nutrition, holistic health, and healing compulsive eating. I have been immersed in studying and teaching juicing, nutrition, and holistic health for over nine years, and I have juice cleansed for over 205 days, including a consecutive 60 day Juice Feast. For over 5 years, I worked as a supervisor at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, founded by Gabriel Cousens, M.D. At the center, I taught nutrition and cleansing classes as well as lead guest support sessions for all guests, including fasting participants, and held various administrative roles. I am a certified Juice Feasting coach with David Rainoshek, MA, founder of the Juice Feasting Protocol.

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Juice Cleansing: I coach a type of cleansing called Juice Feasting, which is designed for having energy and not being hungry.

Compulsive Eating: Coaching in how to address the root causes of compulsive eating. I believe we all can heal it completely–and I’ll help you through it.

Nutrition: I coach plant-based nutrition focused on eating more plant foods. I coach people anywhere on the dietary spectrum to help achieve goals.

Client Success Stories: See the results people experience through having me as their consultant.

Blog: I blog on cleansing, nutrition, compulsive eating, and more. Check it out!

I became interested in juicing and plant-based nutrition when I was in a crisis of mind, body, and spirit. I had severe chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, felt terrible all the time, and my lifetime of compulsive eating was getting worse and worse. The methods I teach for healing compulsive eating and food addiction, as well as for restoring balance to the physical body, are all ones I’ve personally used to overcome these issues. I am happy to say that I finally feel fantastic nearly all of the time, have lots of energy, have overcome my depression completely, and no longer struggle with compulsive eating and weight.

I am passionate about sharing the truth that none of us have to live with ill health, and none of us have to spend our lives battling with weight and food. We can be completely free, balanced, peaceful, and healthy through the emotional and physical healing modalities I coach.