JDH_4355-EditWelcome! I’m Courtney Pool, and I coach juice cleansing, plant-based nutrition, holistic health, and healing overeating.

Growing up in Vermont, I was a moderately healthy kid. I didn’t get sick very often, but I had really bad allergies and had some extra around the middle. I had always, since being a child, struggled with compulsive eating, and the only reason it wasn’t a bigger problem is that I’d been a high performing athlete since age 8 and so my fitness had always offset most of my binge eating. Things steadily declined until at age 17, I found myself in a complete crisis of body, mind, and soul. I had severe chronic fatigue syndrome, hormonal problems, viral issues, autoimmune symptoms, and I had also been diagnosed with depression. I would fall asleep in class, in the shower, I could barely focus on anything and emotionally I felt like a hollow, empty shell.

Doctors–even women specialists–were not able to tell me with any precision or certainty what was going on physically, and the only solutions recommended for me were medications. Nobody mentioned nutrition or lifestyle factors at all for my health issues.

As “chance” would have it, at the time, the movie “Supersize Me” had come out and I saw it by chance. It dawned on me that perhaps my 2-4x weekly fast food jaunts with my varsity swimming and water polo teams were not the healthiest choices to be making. So I stopped those–and my health improved. Then, I found myself wanting to research more. So I delved into the world of nutrition and natural health. I employed the tips that I found, related to everything from quality of drinking water to organic food to deep breathing, and went vegan, and tried fasting.

Within about a year of making these shifts, my depression was less severe, and almost all my health issues had vanished, except one. Despite my health issues improving, my binge eating was getting worse and I was gaining weight. I also was no longer training at the same level athletically. So, my lifetime of compulsive eating had come to a head and within 2 years of the beginning of my health search, I had gained nearly 65 lbs. I had a lot of nutritional knowledge by this time, but was still sabotaging myself at every turn with my food addictions.

Healing overeating and binge eating and losing weight took longer, and I struggled to find information on how to really heal it. I experimented with every approach I could find, but am glad to say I have indeed found what works, and know from personal experience that it is possible to truly heal it, permanently lose weight, and keep it all off. It’s possible to break out of the prison of food addiction completely. My approach for healing compulsive eating was a combination of juice cleansing (sort of like rehab for a food addict), nutrition and most of all: emotional healing. I now have great energy and mental clarity, and my body has stabilized at a healthy and natural weight for me that I maintain with very little effort; never bingeing, starving, or obsessing my way to thinness. I have no health issues.













On the professional front, my studies coincided with my personal healing of my own health problems. I’ve been studying the fields of nutrition, cleansing and healing overeating since 2005, and I have Juice Feasted and fasted for over 217 days, including a consecutive 60-day Juice Feast. For over 5 years, I worked as a supervisor at the Tree of Life Center in Arizona, founded by Gabriel Cousens, M.D. At the Tree of Life, I taught nutrition and cleansing classes as well as lead guest support sessions for all guests, including fasting participants, and held various administrative roles. I am one of only a few certified Juice Feasting coaches in the world, trained under David Rainoshek, M.A., founder of Juice Feasting. I’ve run my health consulting business since 2011 and have coached hundreds of people.

I am passionate about assisting people in achieving vibrant health through nutrition, lifestyle and juicing. Anyone who struggles with compulsive eating and extra weight can be free of it. We can transform our lives into happy, healthy ones with a body and soul approach. I’d love to help you!