In 2014 I moved my coaching business to a donation model from the standard charging model most consultants follow. I’ve been offering coaching in juice cleansing, nutrition, and healing compulsive eating since 2007 and studying these fields since 2005. It is my passion and I love to teach and assist people.

I offer my services–coaching, videos, ebooks and articles–by donation. I don’t have a lot of savings or other streams of income that allows me to rely on donations, and I am not at all financially supported by my partner, family or friends. I just feel it is more loving to operate by a system where I give the gift of my time and knowledge, and the person I work with can give a monetary gift as they desire.

Your donations support my basic living expenses and also help to support my continued work. I pay all my own taxes, fees on transactions, and various expenses to run the business from these donations.

As people sometimes ask me, the industry standard for one-on-one consultations is between 75 – 125 USD/hour, however, I don’t require donations a person may choose to gift to be within this range. I may not be able to offer continued coaching to those who want lots of one-on-one time but do not donate any amount.

I create youtube videos where I intend to share all the information I know for free, in addition to blogs which are for the same purpose. Most nutritionists reserve their most valuable information or insights only for private clients, online programs or books. I’ve decided to not hold any of what I know back, and rather to share it all for free, though I do depend on donations in order continue to do that. Whatever length any of my videos are, I spend about 10x that length in preparation and post-production, so the more donations I receive, the more videos I can make.

How to donate:


1. Paypal

-To donate without a Paypal account, click here.

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2. Transferwise (preferred method for non-USA donations): click here to donate. Info that may be needed:

9854 Tiger Eye Dr
Sandy, Utah

Routing #: 121000248

Account #: 7479666443


3: Patreon: click here to set up recurring donations.


4. Google Wallet: great if you use a gmail account, click here.


4. Other options for Americans:

Wire Transfer Details for Americans:

  • Wire Routing Transit Number: 121000248
  • Bank Name: Wells Fargo Bank
  • City, State of Bank: San Francisco, CA
  • Account Number: 7479666443
  • Title of Account/Beneficiary: Courtney Pool


5. International wire transfer from outside the USA:

In addition to Paypal, Patreon and Transferwise, you can do an international bank transfer. I pay a $16 fee for receiving these transfers, and for this reason other options are preferable.

International Wire Transfer Details:

  • Wire Routing Transit Number: 121000248
  • Swift Code to Donate in foreign currency: WFBIUS6W
  • Swift Code to Donate in US Dollar: WFBIUS6S
  • Bank Name: Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
  • City, State of Bank: San Francisco, CA
  • Account Number: 7479666443
  • Title of Account/Beneficiary: Courtney Pool


Thank you!

Additionally, I believe in the idea of financial transparency, and so below are the records of my gross income since 2014 (prior to deducted expenses). In June 2014 was when I moved to donation.

2014-2015 Income

2016 Income

Feel free to email with any questions through the contact form.