I made the decision in 2014 to move my coaching business to a donation model from the standard charging model most consultants follow. I’ve been offering coaching in juice cleansing, nutrition, and healing compulsive eating since 2007 and studying these fields since 2004. It is my passion and I love to teach and assist people.

I offer my services–coaching, ebooks and articles–by donation. I don’t have a lot of savings, inheritance, or a partner that allows me to rely on donations. I just feel it is more loving to operate by a system where I give the gift of my time and knowledge, and the person I work with can give a monetary gift as they desire, and where demand and expectation are removed from the coaching relationship.

Your donations support my basic living expenses and also help to support my continued work. I pay all my own taxes, insurances, as well as Paypal fees on transactions. As people sometimes ask me, the industry standard for one-on-one nutritional consultations is between 75 – 125 USD/hour, however, I don’t require donations a person may choose to gift to be within this range.

How to donate:

1. Paypal - click below to donate via card or paypal account.


2. Other options for Americans:

-You can mail a check; just email me for my address.

-Wire Transfer Details for Americans:

  • Wire Routing Transit Number: 121000248
  • Bank Name: Wells Fargo Bank
  • City, State of Bank: San Francisco, CA
  • Account Number: 7479666443
  • Title of Account: Courtney Pool

Thank you!

Additionally, I believe in the idea of financial transparency, and so below are the records of my gross income since 2014 (prior to deducted expenses). In June 2014 was when I moved to a donation model.

2014-2015 Income

2016 Income

I am working on a book on healing overeating, which is primarily to do with emotional healing, and also how plant-based nutrition and juice cleansing can assist in healing compulsive eating. I have chosen not to seek a book deal so that I can offer the book for free when it’s done. Your donations help me allocate more time to writing this book so I can get it out faster. Thank you so much!

Feel free to email with any questions.