60 Day Juice Feast – Day 30 *Halfway!*

by Courtney on November 15, 2007

All day today has been a prolonged experience of soaring gratitude and appreciation for me. There is nothing more rewarding, adventurous, and fulfilling as creating radiant health and non-causal happiness! We are so blessed to have the opportunity to be overflowing with the goodness and prosperity that health bring, in order to help other people. I can’t seem to find an end to my gratitude for everything in my life and the world that has caused me to follow this path and the means to be able to share it. Thank YOU for this opportunity!

Today I did some blog browsing, and how wonderful it was! There are so many wonderful people online sharing amazing information and inspiration, how lucky we are to have access to it! I am definitely an appreciator of the internet and computers :) One of my favorite blogs I discovered today was the blog of Sunny Raw Kitchen (http://www.thesunnyrawkitchen.blogspot.com/). This blog is chock full of beautiful recipes and pictures – you may like it! Click on the blogs posted in March, and one of those posts has a master list of all their recipes.

Today’s Feast, in order of consumption:

16 oz. green juice w/ lemon, cayenne, turmeric and pinch of salt
30 oz. celery/apple/spinach/red bell pepper/grape/carrot juice w/ 1/2 TBS MSM
1 cup grapes – injest juice, spit out pulp
30 oz. green juice w/ lemon, cayenne, turmeric and pinch of salt
1.5 TBS bee pollen
22 oz. orange juice w/ 1.5 TBS hemp oil, 1/2 TBS chlorella and 1/2 TBS MSM

1 TBS bee pollen
45 oz. orange/grapefruit juice
2 TBS E3 Live
Something I’ve sort of naturally evolved into is pairing green powder with all the juices I make which are only fruit. In the beginning of the juice feast, I preferred to just douse my green juices with all the intense stuff such as powders and keep the fruit juice alone. I sort of felt like it would ruin the treat of fruit juice to put green powder in it. However, somehow now it just seems to make way more sense and my body gets more off balance if I do the fruit juices straight. In a quart of fruit juice, nowadays, I usually put 1/2 TBS to 1 TBS green powder – it feels sooo much better that way.

Mmm, orange juice is by far my favorite fruit juice and it tastes amazing with green powder! I love ordering produce in bulk – today my order of 40 lbs of organic valencia oranges came – and it cost $38.88. That’s less than $1.00/lb – amazing! I’m now looking into ordering greens in bulk – looks like it’ll be another great deal. You can always ask your local health food store, or even a bigger chain such as Wild Oats or Whole Foods, if they will order bulk for you. Last I heard, Wild Oats did this for customers.

The past few days I’ve noticed that my underarms get smelly really quickly. This is a phenomenon and a definite detox indication for me, as I usually can actually go without any deodorant at all and have no problem whatsoever. About the time when I went mostly raw, almost a year ago, I stopped having body odor. I suppose the toxins that are being dislodged and circulated for elimination in my system are coming out of my skin in that way now. We’ll see how that develops.

Thank you for all the comments and questions – they are always welcomed!


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