60 Day Juice Feast – Day 43

by Courtney on November 28, 2007

Today has been a good day, a juicy satisfying day. I’m correlating a lot of my enthusiasm and hunger to the weather. On days when it is colder, I find myself less motivated for both making and drinking juice – its a little bit of a reluctant push to get myself to do it. Today, actually, I was so not in the mood for making or drinking juice at all. Definitely still enjoying the feast, although I feel that the next 60-92 day juice feast I do will be when the entirety can be done during very warm summer months. I have been thinking the past few days that it would be nice to do a 60-92 day feast at least every other year, and to do shorter ones in between. As I got to goofing around with that idea, I playfully estimated that this would equate to 2400 – 3680 days of Juice Feasting during the next eighty years of my life, or a total of 6.57 – 10.08 years of Juice Feasting over the next eighty years. That’s a lot of juice! Oh, the juiciness of life, eh? We’ll see how it all unfolds, but its fun to play around with numbers :)

Today’s Feast, in order of consumption:

1 TBS bee pollen
28 oz. spinach/apple/grape juice w/ spirulina and salt
20 oz. green juice w/ lemon, ginger, cayenne and salt
30 oz. spinach/apple/grape juice w/ spirulina and salt
32 oz. orange juice w/ 1/2 TBS MSM and 1/2 TBS Nature’s First Food

A few questions from readers:
I have not been able to force my self to drink vita-mineral green! I rather lick random people’s toe’s for the entire day!! Any tips on how to make healthy stuff bearable to consume?? Thanks!!
Well, that would be quite the alternative to Vitamineral, licking people’s toes, wouldn’t it? Somehow I doubt the nutritional value of toe licking could compare to that of Vitamineral. See also the post on day 41, where I answered a similar question about MSM. Your taste buds will adapt to it over time. Dilute it as much as you can. I find that it works well in orange juice. People also put Vitamineral and other green powders and algaes on salads. Vitamineral is great, but there are also other green powders out there, such as Nature’s First Food, and Pure Synergy. You may find you prefer the taste of one of those green powders. I personally like and use all three, but there have been times where one of the definitely appeals to me over the others. You can also make a big superfood smoothie and put a little in. My favorite trick to getting in some of these superfoods which don’t taste so great is to sneak them in. Until you adjust to them, just put them in wherever you can – even if its a teaspoon, put it in anything you can – smoothies, salads, whatever. Don’t put in so much that you can’t bear to eat or drink whatever you’ve just made, but put in a small amount and work up. As I’ve said before in this blog, when I first tried green powders almost three years ago, I literally gagged every time I’d try to take a small amount. Through changing my diet, lifestyle, and cleansing, my body and taste buds have totally changed and I could eat green powder straight out of the jar if I wanted to. It’ll happen, my friend :)
Hi Courtney!
Awesome blog! One question: honey and coco oil are ok on a juice feast? I printed out the journal page from juicefeasting.com and I didn’t see these items listed.
Thanks and good luck! kali
Hi Kali, thanks for the question. Coconut oil is on the list of ‘Supplements and Superfoods’ – towards the bottom. I have been alternating between coconut and hemp oil, and some days I don’t do any oil. Honey is ok on the feast, to add to teas. I have been having a bit of honey here and there just by itself, not in teas. We don’t recommend this, really. Honey is for occasional use. I eat it sometimes because, well, I’m not perfect :) I’m working to keep my intake minimal on the honey, but my first juice feast won’t be totally perfect, so I am trying not to be too hard on myself. But ideally, you’d only use honey occasionally, and minimally, in teas that you might drink on your juice feast.
Courtney~First of all I love reading your blog. It is so encouraging and inspiring. I just ordered my vitamix and I can’t wait to start juicing! I have a question, I was wondering what you use for body products, shampoo/conditioner, hair products, body wash/creams, etc. Getting started on this raw food diet I am very careful with what I use for products.It seems like since I am watching what I put INTO my body I should watch what I put ONTO my body as well. Its very hard thought b/c I’m such a hair and body product junkie! So I was wondering if you could give me any tips. Thanks!
I am so glad you’re enjoying my blog! Very, VERY good question. You are absolutely right that we have to consider what we put in our bodies via our skin, in addition to the substances which enter via our mouths! The other aspects of our lifestyle, such as what you have mentioned above in regards to body and hair products, etc., are very important! We are doing so many wonderful things for ourselves by adopting a pure diet, we don’t want to put toxins back in our system via external body products or cleaning products. Right now I use Soignee MSM shampoo and conditioner. I only wash my hair once or twice a week, however, because I don’t want to strip the natural oils from my hair. I don’t usually use soap, because I don’t ever have body odor (ha), and I remove most of the dirt and residue that might be on my skin regularly via dry skin brushing. I don’t use any hair products other than coconut oil. My hair is mostly normal – not dry or oily – although the ends get dry sometimes, in which case I use a little coconut oil on the ends – makes it smell yummy and is very hydrating. As far as skin moisturizer, I have several favorites. First of all, coconut oil is a winner again. I also love cacao butter. The product ‘How Now Brown Cacao’ from Simply Divine Botanicals, is an amazing product as well as smelling absolutely AMAZING. You will want to eat it, it smells so good. My favorite face lotion (although I use coconut oil and cacao butter also) is ‘Amazing Face’ by Simply Divine Botanicals. I’ve tried most of the products from Simply Divine Botanicals (they are a bestseller at the Tree of Life, as well) and they are all phenomenal, absolutely my favorite!
Thank you for all the questions and for all the support! I am so grateful for all of you! A spectacular night to you all!

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raw by default November 29, 2007 at 12:05 pm

Oh, my gosh. I have to find some of that “How Now Brown Cacao”. It sounds heavenly!


Kristen's Raw November 29, 2007 at 3:03 pm

You are truly an inspiration to us all. Thanks for having such a great blog :) Cheers!


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