Coconut Conundrums

by Courtney on December 29, 2007

Among the many delightful happenings yesterday, a local organic produce company delivered to us several thousands of pounds of:


You heard it right. FREE!! Every once in a while this company brings the Tree deliveries of their produce. They usually bring a huge amount of produce which is all ‘compost’, or stuff they ‘can’t sell’. However, almost all of it is usually great, some of it is ‘non-sellable’ simply because of topical blemishes which might inhibit the aesthetic appeal of the produce, but are really great inside. Usually we get a huge truckload of various citrus, and sometimes various other fruits, such as mangoes or melons, but this time it was COCONUTS!!! We sort the good stuff out, and the community at the TOL and the local town community can have some, and we compost whatever isn’t so good.

Sooo, we have a whole trunkload of coconuts right now :D I just had to put this great picture of my friend Frank, a Live Food Instructor here at the Tree, and his abundance of coconuts!

Wow, what a WONDERFULLY delightful and adventurous weekend it has been. On Saturday we discovered ‘Arizona Chia’, a raw, organic chia seed store just 13 miles down the road in the nearby town of Sonoita! Who knew!?

If you’re not familiar with the amazing power of chia seeds, let me introduce you…

Originating in Mexico and Guatamala, chia seeds are the richest plant source of omega-3 fatty acids known and contains natural antioxidants and fiber. I’ve found them to be super at satisfying hunger. People use them for all sorts of things, but I’ve seen them primarily as ‘chia porridge’, and also in raw pizza crusts and smoothies.

So some people have asked me exactly how much greens, fruit, and fat I eat every day and what those sources have been.

I would be happy to give you some detail :)

You might find this interesting, but what is feeling great for my body right now (always do what is best for YOUR body)is to eat a salad for breakfast, lunch, and usually dinner as well. Since the juice feast, I just can’t get enough greens. So, usually a salad at both breakfast and lunch consists of a big bowl of greens, sprouts, cucumber and celery. On this I simply put a bunch of spirulina powder and perhaps a tablespoon of oil (hemp or olive), and that’s it!

Soo, lots of greens, and protein from the spirulina. I get at about a pound of greens in per day.

I have not been eating much fruit – I rarely feel drawn to fruit. Occasionally I’ve had an apple or an orange, but it’s not daily for me – I don’t really think about it. I don’t eat agave or yacon, and rarely eat honey, so sweeteners aren’t really a draw of mine either. In fact, agave in particular really wigs me out. I occasionally have coconut water, which is a sweet item, but not regularly. Sweets aren’t really primary in my diet, and it feels best for me that way – at least right now.

As far as fat, my primary fat is the oil I put on my salads. I occasionally eat some raw chocolate or some sort of dessert from the Tree of Life, but my body needs very little fat. I haven’t really had nuts and seeds at all since the juice feast, and haven’t had any raw nut mylk, which the Tree makes every day. This is rather an accomplishment for me, because I used to be rather addicted to the nut mylks :)

Enjoy the rest of your 2008, I love you all!

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Kristen's Raw December 31, 2007 at 8:58 pm

Happy New Year Gorgeous!

Kristen’s Raw


Suki January 1, 2008 at 1:02 am

*Happy New Year*
i LOVE the pic of that man under the coconuts!.. thanks to all of you at the Tree for being there – we are all receiving your glow, love Suki xx


Darelina January 1, 2008 at 5:18 am

Yum! That’s some purty coconuts!! :)


Neeta Bali January 1, 2008 at 6:06 am

Happy New Year Courtney, Wish you plenty of Greens and Juicy Delicious moments all the year long…..
Love, Neeta


fatma January 1, 2008 at 1:17 pm

Wow. I adore coconut water.

Wishing you a Juicy New Year and look forward to joining the Juicefeasting Joy.



barb michelen January 2, 2008 at 12:48 am

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