Day 51 Juice Feast

by Courtney on December 7, 2007

Wow, this has sure been a strange week for me… Not sure if its the recognition of how different I am since the last time I was home, or what, but interesting indeed. I feel a little off balance and am rather excited to get back to my wonderful community, abundance of juice and warm arizona weather.

Today’s Feast, in order of consumption:
30 oz. orange/grapefruit juice w/ 1/2 TBS MSM
32 oz. pear/apple/peach/mango juice
16 oz. pear/apple/peach/mango juice
30 oz. green leaf lettuce/apple juice
I have done a lot a lot a lot of emotional work today as well. Funny all this is, so much is coming up for me emotionally on this juice feast that its rather surprising me just how much of a basket case I feel like sometimes :) One of the most valuable things I’ve learned so far on this feast is that you just can’t put expectations on how you think your feast will go. Mine is turning out as different as it could possibly get from how I expected it to be. I expected to have an smooth, perfect, zero mistake juice feast with little change in how I felt emotionally and spiritually. Well, not quite :) It’s actually a been a whole process for me to accept that this juice feast has not been perfect as I had told myself it must be. However, I’m not sure why I thought I wouldn’t be going through something this powerful – I come from a history of food addiction and disorder.
The other wonderful thing that this feast is inspiring within me is a newfound enthusiasm and dedication to helping others with food addictions/disorders to break free of their patterns and heal whatever underlying needs to be healed. This juice feast allows one to really get into the space to see with clarity what the issues behind their food attachments are. The more I speak with people (of all degrees of health and well being and dietary choices), the more I am amazed at how many more of us deal with some degree of food addiction and attachment than we would ever guess. I was looking at the National Eating Disorders Association, and I was reading that more than 11 million Americans display symptoms of eating disorders. I’d guess there’s probably more, but just think of that number – 11 million. That is quite an indication of what might be going on in our society. In my opinion and experience, eating disorders are really not about food at all (although I do definitley recognize that other substances as well as lifestyle choices contribute) – many eating disorders are the result of a serious emotional and spiritual imbalance. It is definitely a passion of mine to share my experience with healing eating disorders through natural health, energetic work, raw food and juice feasting, and other modalities.
A question from a reader:
I have been reading your blog for a few weeks, and have been truly touched by your sharing of experiences. Currently, I am on Day 9 of a green juice feast, and continue to feel stronger than the day before. This is my second cleanse this year (the first lasted 12 days), and currently there is no foreseeable end for me…thank goodness! (92 is the goal, of course!) One HUGE concern: I have yet to administer an enema by myself, and am somewhat hesistant. I do have a weekly colonic therapy session, but instinct is telling me I should be doing more. Do you reccomend any particular brand, frequency and/or method? Any insight would be most appreciated. Anyways, thanks for simply being available. You are very much an inspiration. I look forward to hearing from you.
Congratulations on the start of your feast, what a wonderful journey it will be! Yes, you should be doing more as far as colon cleansing than one colonic per week. Colonics get out more than enemas, so its great if you can still do that one colonic per week. However, you are eliminating stuff from your body via your colon daily, and so we juice feast coaches recommend that for the first two weeks of the feast, you need to do at least one enema daily. After two weeks, you can do them as you feel, although we still recommend you do them every other day, if possible. Enema kits are pretty generic, for the msot part. They cost between $10 and $15. You should use coconut oil or sesame oil for lubricant.
Hope that helps!
Yours in life change excitement,

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marisol December 8, 2007 at 5:40 am

wow. another great post! i would LOVE to talk to you about eating issues. please post more of your thoughts on this topic!
i am just beginning my raw food journey (about 6 months off and on) and i know that it’s made me seriously look at food addiction and issues with food. i never had a clinically diagnosed eating disorder (although i did go through a battery of tests and was instead prescribed antidepressants) but i definitely have had major eating issues ever since late puberty (and when i stopped being a high level competitive athlete too!). i never had food issues when i was an athlete and then with all the body and lifestyle changes after no longer training twice a day x 6 days a week it started. but over the years i guess that the act of feeding myself became twisted and for most of the time i would drastically overeat and couldn’t seem to stop myself from becoming overweight. then i got into an unhealthy relationship where i really under-ate and then finally after getting out of the relationship i am starting to realize that it’s all connected. just like you said… it’s not really about the food. it’s almost like i wouldn’t allow myself to be happy whether it be from eating until i was physically ill or from suffering from staying with a man who didn’t treat me properly…
anyhow…….. that’s enough about me!
your blog is amazing and i can’t wait to hear what comes next!


Courtney Pool December 13, 2007 at 5:56 pm


Congrats on the start of your journey. Athletes definitely seem to have a rather high rate of eating disorders. You’re doing a great job, I comment you!


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