Day 52 Juice Feast

by Courtney on December 8, 2007

This morning I woke up to a Winter Wonderland which blew the ‘winter wonderland’ I arrived here to OUT OF THE WATER! See pics above, it was SO magical, I don’t even know if I’ve ever seen the amazing amount of snow that stayed so long on each twig and branch… I definitely savoredit as I don’t know when the next time is that I’ll see such snow!!

Today’s Feast, in order of consumption:
32 oz. orange juice w/ 1/2 TBS MSM
24 oz. pear/apple juice
10 oz. pear/apple juice
20 oz. green leaf lettuce/apple juice

Yikes, definitely didn’t get my 1 gallon in today… part of the issue is that my juicer really isn’t that great – its leaving my pulp super wet and so I’m not getting much juice out of my produce. I have a new appreciation for my Vitamix. I just don’t think you can really beat the vitamix-nut mylk bag scenario for making juice. If you are traveling somewhere on your juice feast, either make sure you have a large, super good blender where you’re going or you have a really really good juicer!

Thought I’d put the three pictures thus far next to eachother for comparison (Day 1, Day 27 and Day 50). Blogger doesn’t seem to be cooperating with me to post the pictures side by side, but the bottom picture is Day 1, the top left is Day 27, and the top right was this last wednesday, Day 50. It even amazes me how different I look because I just don’t experience it in a drastic way…

A question from a reader:
You INSPIRE me! may i ask if you have a good book about juice feasting for health , and what are some other protein sources besides bee pollen that you take? also besides odwalla juice, is there any other options for on the go emergency use? like small packet ones thanks! Nat
Nat, there isn’t really a full blown book out there on Juice Feasting YET, but as I’ve mentioned before, keep an eye out for David Rainoshek’s new book on Juice Feasting! You can read more about it by going to his website,
Protein! Our most favorite subject of all :) Well, the main sources of protein on the Juice Feast are your leafy green juices, green superfood powders, algaes and your bee pollen. If you’re juicing your two pounds of leafy greens per day, having a few tablespoons of green superfood powder (Vitamineral Green, Nature’s First Food, Pure Synergy), algae (spirulina, chlorella, E3 Live) and eating about a tablespoon of bee pollen per day, you’re going to get all the protein you need. In fact, you are likely getting more protein than you ever have before in your life. Bee pollen, as an example, contains an estimated 5-7 times more protein than meat, eggs or cheese, gram for gram.
I don’t know of any other good measures for on the go juice aside from when you have to do the Odwalla. Sometimes I’ll use that time of day when I don’t have access to fresh juice to eat my bee pollen (although, as you can see, its been a while since I had any), and you can also use this time to simply combine your green powders with water and drink that mix straight. Most importantly, just keep hydrated – if you can’t drink juice, drink a lot of water. Just FYI, Odwalla seems to be the best in regards to pasteurized juices.
In deep appreciation for all of your support,

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Anonymous December 8, 2007 at 10:00 am

Thanks so much! i can’t wait to begin, by the way, if i don’t have a budget for Organic produce, is that ok? i’ve vegetable washes and scrubs though, i’m so excited now after reading your blog, i’ve just placed orders for bee pollen and greens powders! i hope it will benefit me the way it has for you both sipritually and externally, your looking gorgeous from your photos!


The Mayor December 8, 2007 at 2:55 pm

Beautiful pics! I can certainly deal with a cold winter if I would have snow like that falling back in CT. When you coming back? You are missed!


Fitnessdiva December 8, 2007 at 5:54 pm

Hi Courtney!
You look awesome! I just dream to make the juice feast myself and look radiant again (I miss the old Karine). I wonder… How does it cost per day to be on juice feast? For me, eating 15-20 pounds juiced vegetables per day mean a lot of money! But I suffer from Fibromyalgia resulted of an accident and the pain is worst than ever. I know I can get rid of the pain with raw food but definitely the money is a big issue. Can you tell me more about a typical budget we need for a juice feast?
Thanks for your help! I just love your blog.


Anthony December 9, 2007 at 8:22 am

Your eyes are shockingly white.

Way too much to handle! Dont look any young males in the eye unless you are willing to put up with them pestering you afterwards!

Have a great week! Enjoy the winter!!



April December 21, 2007 at 4:07 pm

There is such a big difference from day 27 and day 50. Your hair looks so shiny and healthy in the day 50 picture, did you notice a lot more good hair days?


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