Day 53 Juice Feast

by Courtney on December 9, 2007

Aahhh it feels so great to be back home in Arizona! Every time I leave I return with a newfound appreciation of what it is to be in a likeminded, supportive community that I am so grateful to have here!

Today’s Feast, in order of consumption:

32 oz. Odwalla “Superfood” Juice
32 oz. Odwalla “Superfood” Juice
28 oz. green juice w/ lemon and ginger

EEeek my body feels SO wierd to have the Odwalla’s. Having recently found out the possible truth that Odwalla is owned by Coca Cola, I’m even more hesitant to drink them. But I guess you have to do what you have to do when you’re traveling!

I was reflecting today on how mild my Juice Feast has been physically. I have had very few physical detox symptoms or strange bodily feelings, it has gone wonderfully smooth and I feel better and better each and every day! This very smooth, enjoyable and ever elevating physical experience I have had thus far could be attributable to several things. It may just be that this is a FEAST, not a fast, and the amount of nutrition and calories are so satisfactory to my system. It could be that I haven’t been to the depths of my potential healing and detox, which I may or may not get to in this Juice Feast – perhaps in the next one I do. It also could be due to the AIM program, which since I have been on I have not been really sick or ill or physically off at all. Any which way, I’m rather delighted that its been this way. It’s definitely been more emotionally and spiritually intense for me, as you can see if you’ve been joining me via this blog. Funny how its the opposite that I thought – physically a peice of cake (raw, that is ;) and intense in other ways.

A question from a reader:

how did you get here? In this world of raw-living foods? How and when do you make the switch — someone on the path would like to know. :)

Hi there, I actually posted about this in my blog “The Beginning of the Beginning” in October. I’d be happy to elaborate if you have any further questions, however :)


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David and Katrina Rainoshek December 10, 2007 at 3:55 am

Welcome HOME!! We are glad to have you back. Sadly, yes, Odwalla is owned by Coca-Cola. Check out this website:, and this one too:

Love ya,



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