Exhuberant Excitements

by Courtney on December 21, 2007

So how has it been, since breaking my juice feast a week ago? Very interesting. Still melancholy about food – enjoying it but missing juice feasting as well. My digestion is still quite slow, but picking up.

I’ve basically been eating just salads – sprouts and greens, with spirulina, a few times a day, plus a few peices of fruit and some green juice. That’s been about the extent, and it feels good! I love love love spirulina!

Since returning to food, I’ve sort of entered a new phase of emotional and spiritual work that feels very good. I’ve been very drawn to meditate regularly since returning to food, which is an interesting observation, as I did not feel I needed or really wanted to meditate regularly during the feast. I’ve also been journaling a great deal – something I’ve really done all my life, but seems increasingly important for me to work things out. There’s something about writing and working things out on paper which has always been powerful for me.

I intended to juice feast today, just for a day, but upon making my first juice I broke my nut mylk bag, so apparently it wasn’t supposed to happen today. Perhaps in a few days.

Crazy to think its Christmas eve tomorrow – barely even notice anything Christmas-y here in southern AZ :) I sunbathed today! Not to tease anyone!

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