Feast Breaking

by Courtney on December 18, 2007

Ahh yes, so how has it been breaking the feast? Interesting indeed.

Prunes. Quite the interesting thing to have as one’s first real meal. Soaking them for an entire night sure makes them nice and mushy and soggy. Delectible ;) But WOW, was I ever SO full after that first 8 oz. of soaked prunes! Had some lovely orange juice and green juice that day, which went down well. I also began taking a Parasite Cleanse today as well, I’m interested to see if I get anything substantial out with that, given my body is so clean now! I got a little excited about having greens and so had a little of them about a day earlier than I should have, and I felt like I had swallowed a brick :P They took a long time to digest and I’m taking it much easier now. It’s easy to forget that you’re feeling of digestive euphoria experienced during a feast won’t last if you overload it too soon :) I am learning from experience that Feast breaking properly is so critically important. I urge anyone who embarks on a juice feast to absolutely plan to do the feast breaking protocol in full and proper manner. This morning I had a orange/blueberry/raspberry smoothie and was it WONDERFUL. Yummm.

I haven’t been really recording what I’ve consumed for a few days, but I realize it would probably be helpful, so I shall commense doing so :)

Emotionally it’s been interesting as well. I feel a little melancholy about returning to food. On one hand, I feel a little bit of the heightened, sustained joy I felt on the feast sort of leaving me and I almost want to return to juice to get it back. However, it really felt and feels right to break it now, and I know I want to start my next long Juice Feast very fresh, with new eyes and new intentions.

Another sensation I haven’t had now for over two months is thirst! Now that I’m transitioning to other foods and drinking less juice, I’m finding myself thirsty! It occurred to me I never experienced thirst at all during the entire feast :)

A few questions from readers:

Courtney, I was wondering if the $10-$15 a day is just the produce or if it includes all of the supplements. If it doesn’t, is there any idea of the total per day.

I am really interested and thinking about doing the global juice feast and I almost feel like I should start slowly purchasing supplements so I can afford it.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks so much!

The $10 – $15 is likely not going to include the supplements, although you may be able to get some supplements within that price range, depending on how much produce you need (i.e. someone who is drinking a bit over a gallon per day will have different cost breakdown than someone who is needed upwards of two gallons). Remember that the most important thing is the juice, and a juice feast can be done without supplements if needed. The supplements help to maximize the healing and nutrition that the body experiences. You could spend a fortune on supplements – perhaps upwards of a few hundred dollars per month, if you really wanted to, but again, don’t underestimate the power of juices. It is a great idea to start purchasing supplements now!

Everyone I’ve seen juice feast seems to have a slightly different protocol in regards to supplements, so just find out what works for you and what your priorities are. The ones I used regularly were green powders, algaes, and MSM, and I occasionally used some Vitalzym.


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Anonymous December 19, 2007 at 1:57 am

Hi, I was wondering what kind of juicer you have?
Thanks for any input you might care to share.


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