Niagara in a Glass

by Courtney on January 5, 2008

Alternative to colonics? Probably not, but nonetheless, a new alternative to completely FLUSHING your colon out is to drink a large amount of fermented coconut kefir at once.

Whew. I think people usually take a few ounces at a time, but Thim and I decided to down a good 18 oz glass each at all at once… and THAT was quite the experience.

Beware, because preceding your release you may be visited upon by some lovely fragrances emitting from deep within your digestive tract.

On another note, I’ve finished the parasite cleanse I was doing from HealthForce Nutritionals. I didn’t really notice anything super substantial, but at the same time, I didn’t really have reason to believe I had parasites, yet its still better to do one anyways.

David Wolfe was on E! yesterday. I don’t own a TV so I didn’t see it, but I did find the following short clip of it on youtube, I would hope the whole show will be viewable somewhere soon though.


I’m currently reading one of my favorite books of all time, which, if you are a woman, it is a must read… although it would give men quite the insight as well ;) It is ‘A Woman’s Worth’ by Marianne Williamson. It’s one of the most empowering, no bullshit, inspiring books I’ve ever read. This is actually my second time reading it, and I’m getting a whole different experience reading it the second time. I love books like that – books that are so deep and multi faceted that you feel as if its a new book each time you’re reading it. What you extract from it is relative to your current perception, which of course, if you are on the spiritual path and committed to your growth, is ever changing.

I’ll post a quote or two from the book in my next blog, perhaps :)

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