To Infinity, and Beyond!

by Courtney on January 16, 2008

I want to start out this post with appreciationfor everyone who leaves me comments on this blog – it brings me a lot of joy to read your responding thoughts!

Oh boy, I am sore today! This working out thing does the trick ;)

I love love love it, and am starting to truly crave exercise. The more I do it (I’ve now been exercising for an hour every other day, and about 15 minutes per day on the ‘off’ days, a combination of cardio, weights, and floor exercises), the more I understand how vitally important it really is.
I’ve been at both extremes of fitness – a highly achieved competitive swimmer who trained up to 4 hours per day, about a size 4 and in super shape, and someone who hadn’t exercised for months at a size 14. The amazing thing to reflect on, for me, is that when I was super fit, I ate crap. I literally lived off pasta, sugar and fast food. I didn’t even incorporate veggie and fruit servings – I simply didn’t eat them at all.
I felt much healthier during this time that I was at my most fit (2003-2005) than I did when I was a size 14 (2006-mid 2007) with no exercise – even though I was a 100% raw vegan and had been for 8 months.
Now I’m somewhere in the middle of these extremes, probably about a size 6-8 and exercising an average of 45 minutes per day, but I feel like I can’t even begin to talk about health if I don’t have a strong, consistent fitness habit.
I want to be a super fit, super healthy, super energetic and inspired woman not just for my own enjoyment and health, but because the power of spreading this message of natural health, raw foods, and overall having the best life ever is in our example.
No one can argue with the legitimacy of the lifestyle of someone so undeniably vibrant and powerful. This is the example with the greatest ability to influence, inspire, and change the lives of those around us for the better.
I wanted to write a little bit about this new way of thinking/being I’m integrating that has to do with the true belief in the infinite nature of all things. I’m going to get a little philosophical on you, so bear with me :D
I heard the idea recently, I think from an Abraham-Hicks teaching, that there is no depth or end to get to how happy one could feel.
Now, this makes sense if you believe in the infinite, unlimited nature of all things. And so it clicked for me – if everything is the ‘Oneness’, and the ‘Oneness’ is unlimited and infinite, then how could any one aspect of that be limited in any way?
Meditating on this, it dawned on me that we often think and act as if there might be a cap to being happy, or joyous, or inspired. We think we are either happy or not happy, joyous or not joyous, inspired or not inspired, or anything else you could think of.
Many even look at the spiritual path in a similar manner – we are either connected to ‘God/Spirit/Universe/Source/etc.’ or not, either in an enlightened state or we are not.
But what if we could never reach the extent of any of these things?
What if there is always more happiness to feel, beauty to see, love to share, abundance to be realized, connection to Source to feel?
Just when you think you’ve ‘gotten there’, ‘reached it’, you realize you can never get it done?
There is no finishing point where you can say, “Ok, I’m happy and prosperous and connected to Source and I’m done. No more for me.”
To some, perhaps this would seem as if one would never be content. But I believe that the key is to realize that this sort of outlook is not a place of non contentment, but a place of joyous anticipation (to take a favorite phrase of Abraham-Hicks) for all that much more that we have the opportunity to experience. This doesn’t contradict being present, loving where we are in this moment – these go hand in hand.
Think of anything wonderful – the abundance you have, the connection to your Source that you feel, the things you can give, the change you can be for the world, and consider that there is even more to experience of that! Always more! Anything you can think of – “There is always more of this for me to experience, always deeper to explore.”
This also means that there is no limit to how deep a connection we can feel with other people. Our frienships can always be deeper, we can always inspire people more, we can always receive more of the gifts of inspiration from others, we can always experience a deeper love connection with our partners.
I’m just totally enamored and enthralled by this shift of thinking that is rather simple, but at the same time, to actually start to explore what it’s like to live it… wow.

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Neeta January 16, 2008 at 9:28 pm

Beautiful inspiring post Courtney…..
Thank you,


rawmaya January 16, 2008 at 9:33 pm

Wow you inspire me what you said is absolutely true . !!!thank you


Stacey January 17, 2008 at 12:44 am

now, i’m just speculating, but maybe there is a reaching point, a merging point, where it goes past feeling these things and desiring to be more, but rather, just being them, i suppose, i would describe it as god realization. although, i think it is fundamental to spiritual growth to remain humble and respectful of the hierarchy of growth. isn’t it lovely, what a view, to imagine all that awaits us in this positively beautiful and amazing journey. it is truely humbling.

lovely blog, courtney :)


shannonmarie January 17, 2008 at 6:58 pm

You’ve come such a long way. You should be very proud :-)


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