World Domination by Spirulina Salad May Commence!

by Courtney on February 29, 2008

The news is in…

I’m a fast oxidizer!!!

If you remember my post on January 31st (click here) to read, I wrote about being tested for my metabolic/autonomic constitution and therefore my optimum dietary pattern.

I met with our Dr. Ross yesterday and got a great little summary of what we’re really talking about as far as different body types and metabolic types, and what they mean.

We all take in different substances differently – sugars, fats, and proteins. They affect each of our bodies differently, and play a role in individualizing our diet.

So, the fact that my tests showed I’m a fast oxidizer means that I metabolize proteins very well and definitely need protein. It means that my body type does not need as much carbohydrates.

A slow oxidizer is the other way around – they do fine on carbs, and need less protein.

The main reason I did this test is that I wanted to make sure that the amount of protein I am taking in via spirulina is appropriate for my metabolic type. Since fruit and other carbohydrates are less of an interest for me (although I do eat more with increasing activity level), and I’m all about the proteins, I was highly hoping I would turn out to be a fast oxidizer, and I am :)

So, this means that I need 45 – 50% protein per meal and 30 – 35% carbs with every meal. Keep in mind I’m all raw, so we’re talking plant sources of protein and carbs. I was recommended 50 – 55 grams of protein per day. One tablespoon of spirulina = 12 grams of protein.

Other sources of plant protein include:

Chlorella (spirulina and chlorella are by far the highest)
Sea Veggies
Hemp Protein Powder
Pure Synergy


Sooooo, I can have as much spirulina as my heart desires… I must say I laughed at YardSnacker’s comment:

I am wondering if we need to have a good old fashioned intervention for your spirulina habit. ;)

I also had the priveledge of being an practice client of Dr. Ross’ for an ‘Oxygen Facial,’ a new technology that supposedly is incredibly beneficial for taking care of this huge organ we call skin. It was about a half an hour treatment and I don’t really know what all was done on me (although the main part being an infusion of oxygen), but I can tell you my skin has never looked better!! “Baby butt”, all the way.

Lama Marut, a buddhist monk living in Tucson whose teachings are spreading like wildfire, came to do a talk last night. In fact, Lama Marut is so incredibly impressive and likeable in his personality and ability to teach, that practically half the Tree of Life community goes to Tucson (over an hours drive away), once or twice per week just to hear him talk.

So… if you’d like to check him out, visit his website – he actually records all his talks and Q&A’s on his website for free listening.

So tomorrow is the LAST DAY OF SOLIDS for many of us! How dramatic…

Not so much for me, since I won’t be going the full 92 days, but will at the very least Juice Feast for the first week and the last week of the GJF, and likely do juicing here and there in between.

A couple more images from the massive TOL pic archive (I love pictures – by the way, bloggers be advised that blogs are so much more fun to read if its not just all words):

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Linda in the Raw March 1, 2008 at 1:51 am

Hey Courtney,

I’m on day 6 of my juice feast, yay! One of my co-workers was talking with Thim the other day and he was touting the – it looks incredible!! Have you done it? I am interested but I think there are shakes/smoothies involved so I think I’ll wait until after the feast… just curious if you have any experience with it.

Your blog is fab as always!



yardsnacker March 1, 2008 at 9:52 am

Glad you got a laugh! :) I accidentally dumped a boat load of it tonight in a smoothie. Must be synchronicity. I’ve never eaten a green strawberry smoothie. I guess there is a first time for everything. rofl
It’s exciting to hear your continual progress. I am fascinated and learn a little something each time I visit.


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