Day 5 Global Juice Feast

by Courtney on March 5, 2008

Happy happy, joy joy! Today was a day of elation for me, I felt in a very very good mood :) Last night I finished the night with some fruit juice, which is very unusual for me, and low and behold, I didn’t sleep as well.
Nonetheless, it was an epically perfect day in every way :D It feels so good to be back on juice!! YAY! I love love love the feeling of being empty. I’m actually considering going a day or two every week juice feasting for the rest of the Global Juice Feast…
I went to the gym again today and didn’t feel like I had quite as much endurance, but it still felt great to get out there.
Today’s Feast, in order of consumption:16 oz. water
30 oz. apple/garden greens/celery/cucumber/sprout w/ 1 TBS spirulina
12 oz. ‘Berry Antioxidant’ Yogi tea
22 oz. garden greens/garden kale/cucumber/celery/sprout
22 oz. orange/mango/grapefruit w/ 1 TBS spirulina

10 oz. peppermint Yogi tea
1.5 TBS bee pollen
24 oz. orange/grapefruit w/ 1 TBS MSM
16 oz. greens/celery/cucumber/lemon
16 oz. garden greens/sprouts/cucumber/celery/apple w/ 1 TBS spirulina and a little peppermint stevia (yum!)
Total: 134 oz. juice, 172 oz. total liquid
Exercise: 20 minutes treadmill (forgot to take down the distance, but it was a good sweat) + 15 minutes weight training
I love pictures :) One of my favorite parts of blogging is finding interesting images to pair. I promise I’ll someday get a new cord for my camera so you can see some of my own stuff :)
It’s interesting how much more appreciation for solid food many people experience on a juice feast. Thim has been asking me if I’d make him some sort of crazy raw chocolate cake when we’re done.. in fact he’s even gone on RawGoddessHeathy’s blog for recipe inspiration… :) But for now, we’re juicy and totally lovin‘ it!!

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David and Katrina Rainoshek March 7, 2008 at 5:08 am

Hi Courtney!

We are so glad that you are Juice Feasting with us!! So good to see you today lovely,

Love ya,

David and Katrina


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