Frost on the Saguaros

by Courtney on March 18, 2008

We are having a SNOWY, yes, you heard me right, SNOWY day here in Patagonia. Naught but a few days ago it was up to 81 degrees, and this morning it was 38 and snowing. That’s the desert for you, as if Mother Nature is mercilessly toying around with the defenseless, measly little human beings, like “HOW BOUT A NICE WARM DAY FER YA…. OH GETTIN’ USED TO THAT ARE YE?? HOW BOUT WE THROW A SNOW DAY AND DROP YOU 40 DEGREES?? HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT, EH? MWAHAHAHA.”

I’ve been notoriously other than the best ever at answering questions for the last *ahem* couple months.. so I’m going to answer a few here and over the next several posts:

My question is What does a typical day look like for you. I mean in what you eat. Everyone seems to eat lots of fruit and my body is saying noooo! If you could give me a peek into a normal day of eating for you I would be so thankful…

Well, first off, my diet is by no means perfect yet :) I have taken huge leaps and strides in the past years, but I am still in the process of upping my juice intake more, eating less fat and eating less in the evenings. I definitely vary day to day, but the trademarks for me are:

  • I eat 1 – 3 spirulina salads per day, consisting of lots and lots of greens and sprouts, chopped celery, some olive or hemp oil, and LOTS of spirulina (anywhere between 3 and 8 TBS per day).
  • I take in between 16 and 32 oz. of juice per day, more when modified Juice Feasting. Usually it is green juice, with lots of greens and celery and cucumber.
  • Occasionally I’ll have an entree from the cafe but it is rare, or a dessert, or a superfood chocolate smoothie creation of Thim’s.
  • My ‘treats’ are usually raw chocolate a few times a week.
  • I have gone through periods of months (in the winter) with no fruit, although have observed that as it gets warmer, I’m actually WANTING (!!) fruits such as apples, grapefruits, mangoes and oranges and not reacting adversely to them. I can acknowledge, however, that I am also not nearly as active as I’d like to be, which makes sense and can account for my need of low glycemic cuisine.
  • I stay away from dehydrated foods, maybe eating some once or a few times per week.

The reason I don’t tend to post much about my daily food intake is that I am a big proponent of people finding out what their body needs. Besides that, I’ve still much more refining to do in my own intake! We are all so different and individualized. The journey is to tune into our bodies and spirits in every moment checking in with what we need and learning to nourish ourselves in every way. Please don’t read what I eat and think that it will work for you like it works for me.

That being said, everyone knows that I welcome with open arms any valiant soul who would like to join my legions of Spirulina Salad World Dominators.

In algae-ish delight,


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