Galavanting Garden Greenery

by Courtney on March 26, 2008

The past few weeks our garden has been absolutely CHURNING out the most beautiful, incredible garden greens ever. I’ve been so supercharged – I literally eat pounds of wild and garden grown, EM grown, ocean mineral grown greens and sprouts that were harvested THAT DAY. I just am so blown away with gratitude that I have access to this kind of freshness. Now that I’ve had these kinds of foods, I can say that anywhere I live I will absolutely have to grow greens as good as these – I’m so spoiled and now I just won’t settle for less ;)

These past few days have been particulary interesting for me in regards to my sleep. I usually sleep between about midnight and 7am (although I am, rather inconsistently, attempting to go to bed earlier to get those special hormones that start secreting at 10pm), but these last few days I’ve been wide awake at 6am. Pretty much since Sunday, sort of out of nowhere, it seems I have needed about an hour less sleep. Maybe the changing seasons?

Very interesting.

For three weeks or so, I’ve been taking a few supplements Gabriel recommended for my pancreas and adrenals. So, Gabriel tested me again and found that my pancreas is mostly healed and back in balance (yay!) but my adrenals still are weak and need some work, so I’ll be continuing on that. I can’t say I necessarily feel too much different since taking the pancreas supplements, but obviously they’re working :)

More TOL pics…

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RawLeah March 27, 2008 at 9:46 pm

Fresh garden greens sound wonderful. Alas… apartment living is not all it’s cracked up to be…


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