Gettin’ Juicy With It (I bet someone already came up with that)

by Courtney on March 1, 2008

Well Happy DAY 1 GLOBAL JUICE FEAST!!I am above with my second juice of the day – a romaine/apple/cucumber/celery juice.

People are gettin juicy today, can ya feel it?

Today has been a spectacular day. It’s amazing, because it’s been a good two and a half months now that I did my 60 day feast, and now that I’m back into it, it feels like it was just yesterday, as if there were no interim of solids to separate the juicy experiences.

I weighed myself to discover I’ve gained about 6 lbs since my 60 day Juice Feast. I’m not too surprised, since I’ve not yet quite perfected my diet and exercise regimen, but also proud that the changes I’ve made to my diet and lifestyle since the juice feast have been lasting and consistent such that I’ve kept most of the weight loss from the Juice Feast off (I lost almost 20 lbs).

I am just feeling very excited for the lightness and flavor of Juice Feasting for a little while, and always greatly appreciate the mental and emotional clarity that it brings me, certainly including today already.

Today’s Feast, in order of consumption:

20 oz. strawberry/mango/apple
22 oz. romaine/apple/cucumber celery
16 oz. apple/peach/mango/strawberry juice w/ spirulina
12 oz. grapefruit/orange juice w/ 1 TBS Natures First Food
18 oz spinach/apple/celery
22 oz. kale/celery
1 TBS bee pollen
14 oz. grapefruit
14 oz. kale/celery/pineapple
12 oz. Amazon Herbs Treasure Tea

Total: 138 oz. juice, 150 oz. total liquid

Quite a lot of different juices today.. Rather interesting to note, since my 60 day juice feast was usually large quantities of only a few juices with only a few ingredients. We’ll see how this one goes.

Physically, I’ve actually been very hungry today, but hunger doesn’t bother me much so that was alright. I had several bowel movements, and now, as I write this it is almost 11pm and I feel like I have a lot to release – always an interesting observation knowing that you haven’t even eaten anything that day…

Tonight we had a GLOBAL JUICE FEAST KICKOFF PARTY at the house of some our lovely friends who are all starting with juice today. David and Katrina were there, who are both going ninety two days, Thim and myself going somewhere between a week and two weeks, and several others as well.

David and Katrina were enthusiastically pumping out massive amounts of delicious juices for us all to try. I tell ya what, you watch David make a juice and you know he’s a pro.

Soooo, happy juicing to you if you are juicing, and happy whatever else you are doing if you are doing something else…

But either way and nonetheless, have fun with it! :)

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yardsnacker March 2, 2008 at 9:56 am

I am very interested to see your physical and emotional reactions to this jf. The pictures you have posted before and after your last one were stunning and several have commented on. I wish you great success. I’m skipping this jf for now but am considering it this summer when watermelon is in! :)


raw-a-licious-sistas March 3, 2008 at 2:19 am

so i’ve been reading some of ur stuff….and i’m actually trying to eat “Fresh and Raw” but i’m a newbie…and slightly intimidated by all of “IT”…..and i’m currently liveing in a poor country…( w. not too much money myself)…..and evenything i read about costs SOOOO much money!!!…and and and…i don’t know how to “curb” my sudden “bad food” cravings!!!!….
any advise????


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