Sizzling Spirulina Summertime

by Courtney on June 17, 2008

I had a really wonderful realization tonight. I was at our meditation/evening program tonight, and Gabriel was talking about the importance of letting go of the illusion of the story of our pasts, the goal oriented present, and the fear filled future (mode of operating where we’re trying to control the future). What was very interesting is he said something like,

“Let go of the past, goal-oriented present and the future to be in the Presence.”

What occurred to me is that he said ‘Presence‘, rather than ‘Present’. He could have put ‘Present’ in that explanation – let go of the past and future to be in the ‘Present’ – but instead he used ‘Presence‘. I found that so interesting, and something really struck true for me there.

To let go of time, the mind, and all this planning and control that we do, to be in the Presence. The Presence to me refers to that Divine aliveness that is always there. For me, being in the ‘Presence‘ rather than the ‘Present’, is so much more of a personable, satisfying, loving feeling, and so much more activated and alive. It feels like more of an omnipresent, well, presence that I am simply quieting my mind to be in. Always there, but how often do we tune into it?

Just something I thought I’d share that was very special for me :)

I have discovered my favorite smoothie yet, and I am SO nuts about it, especially in this 103 degree weather…

Half an aloe leaf
5 oz. frozen or fresh cherries
1/8 cup gogi berries
1 TBS honey
1 tsp pomegranate concentrate
water as needed

If the aloe has been in the fridge and if the cherries have also been in the fridge or freezer, it makes this fantastic chilled drink :)

A friend also has made an interesting, simple ‘lemonade’, which consists of:

Fresh squeezed lemon
English Toffee stevia
Pinch of salt
Ice cubes

When he first told me ‘lemon and english toffee stevia’, I couldn’t imagine how that would taste good together, but it totally does.

It’s been so hot here I can barely eat my spirulina salads. And that’s pretty amazing becuase I’m eating preeeetty darn light these days. My diet has been looking like – salad for breakfast, salad for lunch, aloe smoothie for dinner, that’s it. And even so, the little bit of oil plus the spirulina on my salad feels heavy. I feel like I should be just drinking aloe smoothies all day long. Maybe I’ll be the first to do a 92 day aloe smoothie feast ;)

An update on my liver flush… I was supposed to do the oil flush this weekend. However, I was having issues tracking down a large volume of nice organic apples, so the flush has to wait till this weekend. My friend and massage therapist poked my gallbladder to see how it was doing, and oooooh it is tender. I guess that must mean its detoxing..



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