Alive with Gabriel August 2008

by Courtney on August 18, 2008

Once again, it is time for a summary of this month’s ‘Alive with Gabriel’ teleseminar. As always, you can sign up for the full 2 hours of video/audio by clicking here. This time, Gabriel has added on another section to the seminar.

Usually, he has done 1/2 on Nutritional/Health, and 1/2 on Spirituality. Now, he is adding on another section on Relationships.

I personally find it very interesting that Gabriel feels it that important to have his three main topics Nutritional/Spiritual/Relationships.

As always, the Spiritual section was really awesome, and the new Relationships section was wonderful too – Gabriel is a great person to hear talk about relationships.

I got too into the spiritual/relationships part and I didn’t take any notes, but I did on the nutritional part, and here they are:

Topic: SALT

  • We can think of ourselves as skin enclosed bags of salt and water – we are really like an ocean
  • Our blood is the composition of the ocean
  • Table salt is not the salt we will be talking about – it is sodium chlorite with bromine (which is a poison) and the body does not absorb it.
  • Salt is vital for the sodium-potassium pump that occurs across cell membranes
  • The electricity from good salt builds up the membrane potential
  • Water and salt is the key to our nutrients
  • Salt is vital for producing hydrochloric acid –> digestion
  • Good salt has 72-84 minerals
  • Salt is a powerful antioxidant
  • Salt is the frequency of life force
  • Healthy salt does not raise blood pressure; can even help blood pressure drop
  • Addison’s dissease has been helped by giving people salt
  • 30% of salt is stored in bone structure – osteoporosis is connected to lack of salt and sodium
  • Lack of salt is connected to hypoglycemia
  • Adrenals are a key stress organ which require salt – enough salt helps manage stressed adrenals
  • Salt is very good for vata constitutions – salt balances vata
  • Salt is fine for pitta
  • Salt is usually not a concern for kapha, because kaphas tend to retain water anyways
  • The negative ions released from salt are healing – ex. himalayan salt lamps
  • In cities, negative ion generators are wonderful for us, such as the himalayan salt crystal lamps, or other negative ion generators, even something like a waterfal in homes
  • Salt that is heated becomes covalent
  • Recommended salt – ionic, mined salt which is extracted from the veins of salt mines – this is the highest frequency salt
  • Celtic sea salt can carry ocean pollution in it – sea salt has a tendency towards carrying fungal infections
  • Himalayan salt is ionic and doesn’t have a lot of pollution
  • Also recommended – the product Soleil – mimics our blood plasma
  • Product Polar Mins is also excellent – it is ocean water from the South Pole and is very high in electricity – will increase membrane potential
  • Note: Color of salt has nothing to do with quality

OtherTidbits of Info

  • It is ok to take NCD Zeolite and salt together – they don’t affect eachother (nothing as far as Zeolite’s purpose is affected by anything else)
  • Early signs of dehydration include – rapid heartbeat, mental confusion, increased temperature, thirst
  • The best way to tell if we’re drinking enough water is that we should be urinating every 1-1.5 hours
  • Manganese is specific for building knee discs and other discs – discs are 75% water
  • Water Ionizers are no good – they create hydroxyl water – free radicals
  • The product called the ‘Aranizer’ – is both an ozonator and a negative ion generator (can be bought)



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