Homemaking & Greenhouse Domes

by Courtney on February 12, 2009

Ohh I am just loving my new house :) It is quiet and solitary, it has lots of windows and is oriented just right to welcome the sunlight inside. It has great airflow, and I’ve made it sunny, cherry and homey. I’ve never really been a ‘homebody’. I’ve never been interested in much to do with the home – arranging, decorating, and I despised cleaning. I always thought it was just me. But since being somewhere I LOVE, it’s all changed. I am so happy just spending time at home by myself doing all those things – cleaning, arranging, organizing, and decorating. It’s really a wonderful feeling. I wake up smiling with sun on my face and the breeze from the windows next to my bed. I actually look forward to getting up and doing things around the house before going to work – it’s somehow very meditative.

I went to visit our new dome greenhouse for the first time, and was super impressed and inspired. To see huge beds of cilantro, kale, chard, butter lettuce, tomato plants, jasmine, mint, rosemary, and even some fruit trees. Below are some pics:


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