Juice Feast Day 2

by Courtney on March 3, 2009

Above and below are pictures to my friend K and my recent trip to the San Rafael Valley, about a half an hour drive away.

Today’s intake:

20 oz. cucumber/celery/greens/lemon/ginger with cayenne and turmeric
20 oz. grapefruit/orange with spirulina
22 oz. cucumber/celery/greens/lemon/ginger
32 oz. cucumber/greens
20 oz. blueberry/orange

Total: 114 oz.

Still under a gallon – tomorrow I will aim for the full gallon (128 oz.)! I feel great again today. I began to get a minor headache around 4pm. I drank more juice at that point and felt better :)

I did enemas both today and yesterday. The last juice feast I wasn’t consistent about enemas, and looking back I think it really would have maximized the benefits, and so this time I am choosing to do them daily for at least the first twenty days. After that, I will do one at least every third day.

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