Juice Feast Day 5

by Courtney on March 6, 2009

Margo from the Raw in Reno challenge asked me, about a month ago, to contribute an article for her event. I wrote one, and it is now up on her blog; please peruse! Click here.

Today’s Intake:

14 oz. celery/cucumber/greens
20 oz. blueberry/orange with 1 TBS bee pollen
32 oz. celery/cucumber/greens
12 oz. Yogi Tea – Sweet Thai Delight with squirt vanilla creme stevia
26 oz. pear/apple/raspberry with 1 TBS bee pollen

Total juice: 72 oz. !!! Yikes!

I watched a friend eat a spirulina salad yesterday and for the first time in the past five days, I REALLY REALLY wanted it… rrrrrrrrr…

So, it’s been a solid five days; enough for some changes to be happening. My skin is looking juicier. I eat a great diet with lots of spirulina, but one behavior I am changing is that I don’t drink enough water on a normal basis. Usually I drink about 1.5 quarts, when my body really needs about 3 or more quarts per day; mostly because of the dry, warm climate here. So, I am sure that the increase in liquids is mostly to be accounted for in the changes in my skin. I have also lost some water retention from salt consumption when I was eating food, so I feel slimmer and lighter. I have great energy levels and am content on about six hours of sleep per night. I love Juice Feasting!


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