Juice Feast Day 6

by Courtney on March 8, 2009

20 oz. raspberry/pear/apple
4 oz. cucumber/celery/green with cayenne and turmeric
8 oz. grapefruit/orange with bee pollen and spirulina
6 oz. fermented mulberry and elderberry juice

Total intake: 38 oz.

Ooooook. Yes. Today was.. interesting. First off, I slept in late and made the first juice around noon. Before I knew it, it was 4pm. I got my 2 quarts of green juice from the TOL cafe. They were potent, but had a LOT of bitter greens in them and my body was just not interested in that today, so I didn’t drink them. My body had been feeling very, very tired today. Possibly general detox, possibly lack of enough juice, possibly the incredibly heavy chemtrail activity going on in Patagonia right now.

Anyways, I napped for about two hours and finally enticed myself to get up and make another juice since all I had was the 20 oz. of fruit juice so far. Soooo, I sleepily made 32 oz. of grapefruit and orange juice, put a nice 1 or 2 tbs of bee pollen and a tbs of spirulina. I sat at my table to drink it, mellowly looking forward to sipping and reading and candles. And immediately, I knocked it over, onto the carpet. The entire thing. After saying a few swear words and deciding not to cry, I mopped it up and prayed for a few minutes that it wouldn’t stain, and went back to sleep.

Later I went to a TOL get together and sampled some fermented elderberry/mulberry juice someone made, which was fantastic but to be taken in small doses. Overall, a rough day, but that’s just how it goes sometimes :)

In delighted anticipation to sleep,

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