New To Raw Food? Resources for You!

by Courtney on April 5, 2009

“I am just getting into a raw diet lifestyle, and coming across your blog is inspiring. I am still in the learning stages, trying to get as much information as I can from various raw foods websites and dieters. Thanks!” -Erin

You request, I write. I enjoy writing what you enjoy reading, so just let me know :)

At this point, there are SO many places you can go for raw food inspiration that there’s no way I can list them all. There is an abundance of raw food nutritional books, recipe books, ebooks, and fairly well known raw food leaders. Most all of them are great, but because there are SO many, I’ll just list the resources I’ve personally used:

The Food Revolution by John Robbins
Conscious Eating by Gabriel Cousens
The Sunfood Diet Success System by David Wolfe
Spiritual Nutrition by Gabriel Cousens
Eating For Beauty by David Wolfe
Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine by Gabriel Cousens

These are the only raw food books I’ve read, so they are the ones I’ll recommend.

For anyone with Diabetes, pre-Diabetes, insulin resistance, hypoglycemia, and any other blood sugar related imbalances, and simply to see the amazing effects plant-based nutrition can have on severe physical imbalances, I recommend the Raw for 30 Days documentary.

You can just google ‘raw food’ and find lots of information, and you can type ‘raw food’ into a youtube search page and also find an abundance of information.

There are also fantastic raw food BLOGS out there. I have listed a few on the right of this blog, and there are even more at Dhrumil’s fantastic Masala page.

Have fun!


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