Baskin’ Among the Aspens

by Courtney on August 5, 2009

Hello everyone! Thank you for your patience with my infrequent posts this week! On Thursday, I returned home to Park City, Utah (no, I’m not Mormon). Not where I grew up, but I went to high school there, and my family still lives there.

It’s been quite a profound vacation, for sure.

I haven’t been 100% raw here, but I have been SO much stronger and stayed so much more centered than I ever have. Previously, home was a HUGE trigger for all my disordered eating patterns. Food was the main focus on my mind when visiting home, and not in a healthy way. I wanted to eat, I wanted to eat more, I wanted to eat what wasn’t good for me, I sometimes binged. I always beat myself to the ground about what I ate and wanted to eat. This time, I decided to be compassionate and patient with myself, being aware of my triggers, and to forgive myself even if I wasn’t perfect. And, much to the surprise of the old me and to the delight of the new me, letting go resulted in me feeling comfortable eating in accordance to my hunger.

We never really know how strong we’ve become with our habits until we enter into a situation that challenges them. Every time I come home, I’m stronger. I still have a lot of work to do, but I’m getting there and am encouraged to witness my progress.
I wrote a bit about my immediate family and where they are with diet in this post. Well, I witnessed even more growth in them, and also some very surprising awakening in some extended family that was visiting as well. One of my aunts is a right-winged, military wife, pro-vaccine hunter. By the end of their stay, she asked me to research alternative solutions to a disease one of her daughters has, decided to start checking her pH as a step towards health, bought a little book of Buddhist wisdom, and research more deeply the truth about vaccinations. Another aunt of mine said she would love to come to the Tree of Life about 4 times. I made raw food for everyone, and they all gobbled it up. I hung out with an old friend of mine, who I had little contact with for several years, who I had previously had little in common with, but all of a sudden is interested in personal development, spirituality and yoga. From your perspective, all these examples may not be that dramatic, but the point I’m making is that for all these people, these kinds of things are TOTALLY out of left field. I never, ever would have anticipated such awakening, to this degree, and this quickly. Things are shifting everyone, people are waking up. Believe in them.

No P90x this week… we had borrowed a friend’s until we had bought our own and it hadn’t arrived in time! It was other than the best ever to skip week 2 of a 90 day program, but I’m considering this next week to be week 2, so will extend a week beyond Thim, since he kept it up while I was gone. I may even extend 2 weeks, so I have a full 90 days in a row.. we will see..


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