P90x Home Fitness Program – Week 2 Update

by Courtney on August 13, 2009

Back into the routine, and week 2 done! This week was just as tough as the first, since I’d had a week break in between week 1 and 2. That being said, I was slightly stronger than I was the first week.

I’m noticing slight differences in my body, which probably no one would notice but me, but mostly in my arms and legs. I definitely feel stronger and more fit.

Emotions arose for me this week, which was unexpected. When I began to really work hard or do something that was difficult for me, I found myself getting angry. The anger wasn’t because I didn’t want to exercise, it felt like it was from something else and was just coming out in that scenario. I have found that pull ups are a great way to let that aggression out, as is the Kenpo karate workout.

I’m eating about the same amount as I did before beginning this program, but then I was eating more than I required. So, now I feel more balanced and *actually* feel hunger almost daily. Learning to love hunger.. yes, that is the invitation..

This week I haven’t been making the same superfood breakfast smoothies, but have had some aloe smoothies (received 25 lbs of aloe leaves, hell to the yes). My favorite combination is aloe-frozen berries-honey. On days I don’t have the aloe, I get some nut mylk from the TOL Cafe and put some superfoods in it. I’ve also been having a spirulina salad for breakfast.

Sleep.. This week my body is other than excited about the reduction in sleep due to my getting up early and not going to bed early. 7-8 hours of sleep is what it loves, and I have been getting more like 6-7.. and just that one hour, it makes a difference. As well, my body prefers the hours before midnight – 8 hours beginning at midnight is not nearly as restful as 8 hours beginning at 9pm or 10pm.

Hail, the joys of getting back into shape!!


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