Renee Voltaire, Swedish Chef Extraordinaire

by Courtney on September 3, 2009

I desire to introduce you to a friend of mine, Renee Voltaire. I first met Renee about 2 years ago, when she came to do a Fasting Retreat with Gabriel at the Tree. Since then, she’s returned each year to do one, and she’s really a wonderful woman and I always enjoy visiting with her.

Renee a Swedish chef and the author of ‘Peace, Love and Food,’ a Swedish book with information on nutrition, personal stories, and recipes. A large portion of the book focuses on raw food and raw recipes, and has a little blip on the Tree of Life as well.

Renee began blogging, much to my delight, and has blogged about us in a recent post, in relation to plant-based protein. Ah, the fame that can be had from the willingness to smear green algae on one’s mouth ;)

Click here to view. That’s about 1/6th of me in the picture ;)

Roughly translated (Thank you, google translate!), here’s what the blog post says:

When I give lectures on vegetarian food and raw food, I often get questions about whether you really are getting enough protein when you eat this way. 8 times out of 10 is what people ask… it is so easy to believe that one does not survive or build muscle just because you do not eat a steak for dinner. 2 tbsp spirulina a day covers the daily requirement of protein for normal people. So skip steak sometimes and do as Thim in Arizona, mix spirulina directly into your salad with olive oil dressing. Or stir in a good spirulina juice or smoothie. It is wonderfully green all over her (I assume she means me) mouth.

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