105degrees Academy Grand Opening – Recap

by Courtney on October 5, 2009

Well I am just feeling JOLLY after our epic weekend in Oklahoma City! The 105degrees Academy is going to be instrumental in revolutionizing health in Oklahoma City and elsewhere – and I mean that truly, not because of my bias as a presenter ;)

To document the trip.. First, I awoke at 4am to drive to the Tucson airport. My flights were smooth and I practiced my presentation and slept. Upon arriving at the Oklahoma City airport, the lovely Ladan Raissi greeted me and took me to 105degrees. By the time I had gotten there, the presentations had already started, and I walked in on Anthony’s presentation (sorry for the bad quality of some of these photos).

I met Matthew Kenney and Dara Prentice, both amazing, warm, radiant people whom I was awed and inspired by. I so desire that you all get the immense privelege of meeting them soon! Matthew treated me to one of their fantastic smoothies, a coconut/banana one called ‘Curious George’ (cleverness appreciated).

I watched a few of the speakers and then I was up!

I was a bit nervous but also very prepared. I’m happy with my first presentation – I received great feedback and people were very interested in the content I gave. As soon as I have the video(s), I will post it/them here!

After all the presentations, us speakers socialized with the participants (I estimate about 80 people), and then headed back to our awesome hotel.

Half an hour later we embarked back to 105degrees, this time dolled/handsomed up for the 5 course dinner. First, Matthew gave a great food demo. Next, the meal – really, really, really, and did I mention really… amazing.

After the dinner we socialized more – it was a FULL house – and then walked a bit in downtown Oklahoma City, and for me, it was gladly off to bed (I had been up for about 19 hours straight..) Many of the presenters I had met before and some I hadn’t but had a lovely online friendship with ;)… so much better to hang with them in the *actual* world.

This pic: Anthony and Tim in the trunk of the car..
The next morning, Penni, Jen, Anthony, Philip and I went back to 105degrees to have some breakfast/lunch/brunch/yumminess that doesn’t require such labels. Here’s what I had:

Here’s what others at our table had:

24 hours later, I was off to the airport to come back home.

Conclusion: Go to 105degrees. It’s tasty, professional, uplifting, and the people, both staff and communicty, are absolutely fantastic. Oklahoma City is actually suprisingly cool as well, and definitely worth looking around.

For other pictures of the event:

Penni’s facebook album

Anthony’s blog

Ani’s facebook album

Kat’s facebook album

Enjoy! Love… Court

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