Halloween Bash

by Courtney on November 1, 2009

Last night, Koali and I hosted our annual Tree of Life/Patagonia community Halloween Bash and it was yet another smashing success! Here are a few pictures, and the rest are on Koali’s facebook album.

Below: Myself and my co-hostess Koali (a bird, note feather eyelashes)

Below: I had no idea what I was going to be until an hour before the party.. and whipped out a lacey cowgirl.

Below: Tim and Michela, TOL cafe chefs, with their HOMEMADE pants and homemade kombucha (not beer – ew)!!

Below: raw chocolate brownies

Below: Brandi Miller, community member, musician, and apparently, mermaid!

Below: Michela (raver), Sebastian (Rock Star – note the necklace..), and Philip (“The Love Doctor”) -all TOL staff

Below: Shalva, TOL staff member

Below: Shalva’s raw vegan chocolate brownie cake pudding thing.. delish

Below: Seth and Ivri

Below: Joanna (cafe chef) and I experiencing the Joy of Wigs.. Think I can pull off blonde hair?

Below: Cale, TOL staff member

Below: raw vegan donuts that tasted exactly like pumpkin flavored Krispy Kremes

Below: Brandi, myself and Philip having a good time

Below: Just some raw goddesses, that’s all..

Let me know about that blonde thing ;)

Love and blondeness,

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