My Hair Care Protocol

by Courtney on November 16, 2009

When I was in middle school, my biggest body insecurity was my hair. It was dry, brittle, poofy, and had a very weak color. When I went raw, it changed drastically. I took a lot of MSM at that time, a habit I’ve gotten out of for no good reason, and that was a great help in the beginning along with my dietary change.

The hair, like the skin, is definitely a direct reflection of what we eat. My diet consists of a lot of leafy greens, and I feel that contributes to it’s health. I also feel the proteins in the spirulina I eat help too, although that’s more of a hypothesis. I drink a decent amount of water as well, likely about 2 quarts per day or 3 if I exercise that day, plus all the water rich food. My body tends to retain water, so this amount is good for me.

I’m currently washing my hair with Soignee Botanical Shampoo, and it seems to be doing the job. I actually haven’t even tried any other truly natural shampoos (the majority of Whole Foods shampoos really aren’t all that natural), but this works fine. I wash my hair about twice a week if I’m not exercising and about every other day if I am. The days I don’t wash, I still shower, and just massage my scalp as if I were washing it, which seems to keep it clean in between washes. I only wash the hair right on my scalp and never my hair because mine tends towards being dry, particularly in the desert. The suds sort of wash down the hair from the scalp anyways so they get clean, I just never scrub it. I sometimes use conditioner, but I usually don’t.

MSM is sooooooo important for hair health (among so much else), and I really do desire to be taking more of it, regularly because I know my hair can be healthier than it is. A couple tablespoons a day is great!!

Take care of that mane :D


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