One Day of Juice Feasting

by Courtney on November 29, 2009

I Juice Feasted Friday, which felt fantastic after so much food on Thanksgiving. Yesterday I planned my day poorly and was caught at about 1pm having not had anything and spacing out while needing to be productive, so I did about 1/2 eating and 1/2 juicing yesterday. Today, I am going out and about with a friend, a previous engagement I had forgotten about, so will be eating as well. Juice to commence tomorrow. These days my juicing doesn’t seem to always go according to intention… and, I’m fine with that :)

Friday’s Intake:

32 oz. cucumber/celery/garden greens/apple juice
22 oz. apple/cucumber/celery juice
34 oz. cucumber/celery/garden greens/apple juice

Other supports:

  • P90X – Yes
  • Water – 16 oz.
  • E3 Live – yes

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