Raw Recipes by TOL Cafe – Eggplant Canneloni

by Courtney on November 19, 2009

Eggplant Canneloni
This is a gourmet recipe, a compliment from the Tree of Life Café. Enjoy!

1 large globe eggplant
½ C olive oil
Thyme or Italian seasoning
Himalayan or Celtic salt
Peel eggplants and slice very thin in a length-wise direction creating large sheets you will use for rolling. Salt eggplants and let sit for an hour. Press liquid out of eggplants. They will release a lot of water. Marinate eggplants overnight in olive oil and herbs.

Filling for cannelloni:
Lay fresh spinach or basil leaves over the eggplant. Use the following seed cheese recipe. Place a little cheeze over the fresh leaves on the bottom half of the marinated eggplant. Lay 4 julienne bell pepper strips red clover and sunflower sprouts on the top of the cheeze sticking out of the ends. Roll and serve or dehydrate for a few hours and serve.

Brazil Nut, Olive and Herb Cheeze:
2 C sunflower
2 C brazil
½ C olive oil
½ C lemon juice
1 T black pepper
¼ t hing
½ C oregano, fresh or dill fresh
¼ C thyme, dry or Italian seasoning
1 t Himalayan salt
2 C olives, kalamatta
Process nuts and seeds to a butter or as much as possible. Add olive oil, lemon, blessed water, hing, black pepper, salt and dried herbs. Process to a creamy consistency. Put into a bowl and mix in olives and herbs by hand. 

Recipe, photo and plating by Timothy Casey

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