Thanksgiving Celebrations

by Courtney on November 27, 2009

Yesterday was my 5th vegan Thanksgiving and was it DELISH. The Tree of Life hosted their annual day of activities, such as group meditation and music, and Thanksgiving potluck. I estimate about 75 people showed up, plus employees, seva and local community. I didn’t intend to end up with mostly food pictures, but I did… Here are some of my favorites from the potluck:

Below: cacao superfood balls

Below: Fresh Honeycomb!!! I had never had fresh honeycomb before and it was fantastic! It made me desire even more to keep bees someday… And – funny – a bee came and landed on my honeycomb while I was at my table eating :)

Below: nut pate ‘sushi’ rolls
Below: Creamy kelp noodle dish. P.S. I am falling in love with kelp noodles
Below: the platter the TOL Cafe made – mock mashed potatoes and gravy, salad, cranberries and stuffing flavored ‘bread’


As if one Thanksgiving feast wasn’t epic enough, I later went to a 20 person gathering at my friend’s home, where we ate… more… Below are the macaroon/’donut holes’ I made:
Below: A Pumpkin Cheesecake made by my friend Erika

Answer me this: How would anyone miss traditional Thanksgiving food when you can eat this deliciousness?

The local photographer James Palka has a great facebook album of the TOL feast here.



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