New York City Part 2

by Courtney on December 17, 2009

Saturday in New York City!

I met up with Philip, Dhrumil and Tisa at Quintessence for lunch. I had a FoFu Benedict, which was freaking epic. After, we stopped by One Lucky Duck and I indulged in their ‘moon pie,’ a chocolate dessert which several people in Patagonia tied me to a chair and made me promise I would get. As anticipated, it was perhaps the most impressive raw dessert accomplishment I have experienced thus far.

Saturday evening, I embarked to the Jivamukti yoga center again for an event with the ’13 Grandmothers’. The 13 Grandmothers are a counsel of indigenious women from around the world, who are allying with the purpose of healing the Earth and creating peace. For about 2 hours, they introduced themselves and their work. Most every one of them had had a premonition, a dream, or had been told by their mother or grandmother that when they were older, they would be part of a counsel such as this.

They are all very powerful, compassionate, wise and serene women and it was a very profound experience to share space with them all together. I felt a very strong connection to what one may call the ‘divine feminine’ energy through them, but a unique one because it was in the form of an alliance of indigenous elderly women from entirely different backgrounds, traditions and rituals with the same purpose… sort of like an ancient, mature form of the divine feminine. Lovely :)

I returned and met up with Anya, who had been spring water harvesting in New Jersey for the day. We drank delish spring water, and then headed off to the Gnosis Raw Chocolate party/Vanessa Barg’s Birthday Party, to launch their new line of chocolates. Some Pics:

Sunday, a crew of us met at Quintessence for brunch (Tisa, Kaya, Mia, Anthony, Philip, Dhrumil, Anya), where I had, yet again, the Fofu Benedict. It was awesome. We all hung out together for the day, ate Pure Food and Wine ice cream (whoa), and enjoyed the rainy Sunday.

Early Monday I headed to the airport to return to the land of cacti and sun. Here I am!

Photographs of Moon Pie by Heather P and Philip M
Photograph of 13 Grandmothers by Marisol Villanueva, courtesy of the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers

Photographs of Chocolate Party by Vanessa B and Alex C
Photograph of group at Quintessence by Dhrumil

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