Superfoods – Courtney’s Current Consumption!

by Courtney on January 29, 2010

A topic I adore and love to talk about and things I love to surround myself with: superfoods and supplements!! These make a substantial difference in my health and vibrancy, and although I don’t take a huge amount of them, they are a key part of my diet. Here’s a summary, along with one cool fact about each item:

Regular Superfoods I enjoy (at least 1x/week):

Spirulina – You might have anticipated my #1 ;) Right now I am going through a 16 oz. bottle of HealthForce Nutritional’s Manna Spirulina in about a month. I pretty much exclusively consume it in the form of spirulina salads. Other uses include lipstick substitution, bath soaking, and to grease mechanical devices in need of fixing. Kidding.

Aloe Vera – I purchase fresh, organic aloe vera leaves, with which I make smoothies. I consume about a leaf per week. My favorite way to make smoothies is to fillet some aloe and blend it with frozen berries (my favorites are cherry and blueberry), as well as some honey and a few goji berries. Then, I top it with Jarrah bee pollen.

Vitamineral Green – I don’t require a whole lot of this, since I get so much chlorophil and nutrients from all the greens I eat (about 1/2 lb per day) as well as the spirulina. However, I feel that Vitamineral Green fills in some nutritional holes for me. I consume about 2 tablespoons a week.

Cacao – Most often the way I get chocolate in is with the super low-glycemic, custom-made Sacred Heart Chocolates we carry at our store. My favorite is the Indian Sunset and the Still-Pointe Mint. Do I eat it because it’s a superfood? Not really. The fact is that I am a woman and therefore I love chocolate (appreciation of my sound, objective, and unquestionable conclusions is always welcome).

Seaweed- I am blessed that the Tree of Life Cafe makes dishes with various forms of seaweed regularly. These seaweeds may be nori, dulse, wakame, hijiki, sea palm, and kelp and I have them 2-3 times per week

A few Superfoods I consume slightly less often:

Hemp Seeds
Goji Berries
Medicinal Mushrooms (reishi, cordyceps, coriolus, chaga, agaricus)

Mmm superfoods.


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